Assessing the Political System in Pakistan Amid the No-Confidence Vote

Written by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Khan 11:59 am

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s public support holds great promise, but it might not be enough to survive the vote of no-confidence. The author, Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Khan, examines PTI’s failures, the opposition’s attempts, the apprehensive public, and the untended democratic infrastructure.
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Pakistan’s Politics: A Tedious History of Affections & Defections

Written by Afifa Iqbal 11:47 am

The political instability in Pakistan, evident from the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, has a long-winded history dating back to the Mughal era. The author, Afifa Iqbal, notes that the Mughal dynasty and the British rule in the sub-continent embedded a personalist element and heavy reliance on patron-client networks into the political institutions of post-independence Pakistan. For centuries, defectors have benefited from the political imbalance created by the nature of politics in the sub-continent, while simultaneously consolidating it. The author argues that the current situation of politics in Pakistan is not a new phenomenon, rather, it’s a common occurrence that won’t collapse the political structure of Pakistan.
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Addition of J-10C Fighter Jets in Pakistan Air Force

Written by Syed Haris Shah 12:30 pm

The signs of China and Pakistan’s defense and military cooperation has strengthened after the induction of the multi-role fighter aircraft by the Pakistan Air Force. The author, Syed Haris Shah, believes that the introduction of the J-10C aircraft made by one of China’s leading military and aviation companies, the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, is an important measure taken by Pakistan’s security and political leadership to deal with potential security threats to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
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The No-Confidence Motion Against Imran Khan: Pakistan’s Political Tribulation

Written by Afifa Iqbal 12:49 pm

The author, Afifa Iqbal, illustrates the process of the no-confidence motion in Pakistan before delving into PM Imran Khan’s miscalculations. The uncertainty in the domestic political arena is disquieting as it is, but what will become of the democratic framework if the no-confidence resolution were to pass?
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Trafficking of Drugs: The Implications of a Porous Border Between Afghanistan & Pakistan

Written by Rooha Javed 11:47 am

Pakistan’s close proximity to Afghanistan has caused it to become the perfect target for drug trafficking. Rooha Javed explains that Afghanistan – one of the largest producers of opium in the world – has taken advantage of Pakistan’s transit route to not only acquire precursor chemicals for drug manufacturing but also for smuggling illegal drugs to the international market. Though Pakistan has adopted measures to counter this illegal drug trade, the number of Pakistanis suffering from drug addiction and overdose is increasing every day.
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The Pakistan-Russia-China Bloc: A Consequence of US Actions?

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 11:45 am

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has stirred up bloc politics once again, pitting the West against the Russia-China bloc. Pakistan’s current government is clearly leaning towards the idea of a Pakistan-Russia-China bloc, but that foreign policy truly rests on the domestic political situation of the country. Amid the political uncertainty. the author, Mr Sarmad Ishfaq, illustrates how future policies pivot on the results of the no-confidence vote.
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Growth Versus Development: The Case of Pakistan

Written by Zahra Michelle Khan 11:47 am

Growth or development? Which of the two would states choose and why? The author, Zahra Michelle Khan, mainly aims to explain both arguments and the pros and cons of each. She also assesses the external factors that influence the decision of a state to pick either, or both. The example of Pakistan, as well as possible ways to help the state develop, are also discussed towards the end.
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Pakistan & Uzbekistan: Celebrating 30 Years of Bilateral Cooperation

Written by Syed Haris Shah 5:50 pm

President Shavkar Mirziyoyev’s two-day state visit to Pakistan marked the 30 years of diplomatic ties between Uzbekistan and Pakistan. The delegations deliberated over matters of regional and bilateral significance. The author, Syed Haris Shah, notes that this visit is immensely important for Pakistan to cultivate better economic and political relationships with the Central Asian Republics (CARs).
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A Review of the National Judicial Policy (2009) in Pakistan

Written by Alyan Waheed, Palwasha Khan, Shaheer Ahmad and Syed Hassam Ali 12:34 pm

To bring a semblance of structure and convenience within the judicial sphere of Pakistan, the National Judicial Policy 2009 was framed. The authors, Alyan Waheed, Palwasha Khan, Shaheer Ahmed, and Syed Hassam Ali, discuss the policy’s underpinnings and address its failures and drawbacks.
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The Trans-Afghan Railway: Connecting Pakistan & Uzbekistan

Written by Zohra Asif 11:48 am

Culturally, historically, and religiously, Pakistan and Uzbekistan are tied together. Yet, since the two states became independent, they have not been able to establish strong bilateral relations. However, under the leadership of Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, new prospects for trade and cooperation have opened up. The author, Zohra Asif, notes that the Trans-Afghan Railway – a 573-kilometer corridor connecting Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – serves as one such opportunity. She argues that the project will not only link Central and South Asia but also create room for peace in Afghanistan through economic development.
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The Digital Economy in the 21st Century: Blockchain for Real Estate

Written by Ayesha Zafar 12:27 pm

Digital currencies have been turning heads since their emergence. They have the ability to operate independently of a central authority, raising alarm for some and relief for others. The author, Ayesha Zafar, also gives a sketch of blockchain’s influence on the real estate business.
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Re-examining Pakistan’s NFC Awards

Written by Mohammad Ali Zafar 11:48 am

Pakistan has introduced seven National Finance Commission (NFC) awards for the distribution of revenue between the center and provinces since 1975. The author, Mohammad Ali Zafar, argues that while the 7th NFC Award has increased the share of the provinces in the divisible pool, it has also raised concerns for the center, especially when it comes to debt servicing and defense. Moreover, since the provinces of Pakistan have been, somewhat, unable to generate provincial revenues as per their capacity, they have remained financially dependent on the center.
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Pakistan’s Economic Problems & the Need for Regional Connectivity

Written by Badshah Gul 11:47 am

Economic security is necessary for every state but Pakistan’s economic problems have made it difficult for the South Asian state to acquire it. The author, Badshah Gul, notes that to improve its economic condition and to efficiently utilize its national resources, Pakistan needs to strengthen its relations with its neighboring countries—China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran—and engage with regional organizations like SAARC and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).
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The OIC Conference on the Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

Written by Mairaj ul Hamid Nasri 12:12 pm

A little over a month has passed since Pakistan organized the 17th extraordinary session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, but Afghanistan’s situation shows no signs of optimism. The author, Mairaj ul Hamid Nasri, gives a summary of the deliberations and the commitments made at the meeting.
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Analyzing Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability: Pakistan’s Babur 3 vs India’s INS Arihant

Written by Rauf Khalid 11:47 am

The nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan has led to both states attaining a second strike capability. To be capable of a second strike, India has developed a nuclear-powered submarine equipped with ballistic missiles (SSBN) – the INS Arihant. In response, Pakistan introduced the Babur 3 missile, which is a submarine-launched cruise missile, and declared its second strike capability. While analyzing the credibility of the second strikes of India and Pakistan, the author, Rauf Khalid, notes that there is an asymmetry between them.
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Efficient Laws & Systems for Domestic Violence in Dubai: Where Did Pakistan Go Wrong?

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:19 pm

The legal measures and reporting mechanisms for domestic violence in Dubai are functional. That is in stark contrast to Pakistani systems that counter domestic violence. To ensure safety for the victims, Pakistan, too, must adopt Dubai’s best practices in confronting domestic abuse.
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From Persecution to Open Calls for Muslim Genocide in India

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:01 pm

Is India’s democracy buckling under the weight of its endless anti-Muslim hate speech? Gandhi really did not wish for his beloved state to become what it is now — a secular state that inspires antipathy to its Muslim citizens. Hindutva or Hindu nationalism has recently sparked calls for Muslim genocide, distancing the notion of democracy in India.
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