Tameer e Khalaq

Q1 Is Paradigm Shift based in Pakistan?

Yes, we are based in Pakistan but we accept submissions from all around the world. Our content caters to an international audience.

Q2 Besides the youth, do you accept submissions from the young at heart?

Of course! Although we primarily focus on students and young adults, this does not mean we discriminate against the older generation. Everyone is invited to contribute.

Q3 Will it cost money to publish my research paper or article on Paradigm Shift?

Don’t worry! We do NOT charge any kind of publication or subscription fee here. It is absolutely free to read papers/articles as well as submit pieces.

Q4 Do you check submissions for plagiarism?

Yes, all submissions undergo a plagiarism check. Please check the submissions page for more details.

Q5 What is the primary focus of the content posted on your website?

We focus on international politics, international relations, current affairs, and Pakistan.

Q6 Are you affiliated with any government, NGO, or think tank?

No, we are an independent organization.

Q7 Do you pay authors an honorarium?

Unfortunately, right now we do not, but in the future, we plan to pay authors of the most read pieces a modest honorarium.

Q8 Which citation style should I use for research papers?

APA (7th) or Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition. For the latter please use endnotes, not footnotes.

Q9 Do I require citations and a bibliography for articles?

For articles please use hyperlink citations to cite any work. No bibliographies and/or endnotes required.

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