Month: January 2021

The Plight of the Hazara Community

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:47 am

Concrete and comprehensive measures are imperative for the curtailment of persecution and religious extremism against the Hazara community.
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Impact of New Technologies on the Nuclear Deterrence Strategy

Written by Abdul Basit and Prince Muhammad Ali Baig 10:47 am

The modernization of India’s nuclear technology has escalated the arms race in the South Asian region. With this modernization come new methods of nuclear deterrence, creating a security dilemma in the region.
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Uighur Muslims in China: Persecution and Forceful Assimilation

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:49 am

Uighur Muslims in China are subjected to harsh atrocities and persecution in order to bring them closer to a Chinese identity.
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Ranikot Fort in Pakistan: The World’s Largest Fort

Written by Muhammad Bilal Farooq 10:47 am

The Ranikot Fort, the world’s largest fort, is a site of unknown origins in Pakistan. Its marvelous structure is quite familiar to the Great Wall of China.
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The Indian Hegemony in South Asia

Written by Samrah Aslam 10:47 am

India’s national interests are pushing it to achieve hegemony in South Asia, forcing neighboring states to counter India’s influence and power.
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The Destiny of Freedom in the West

Written by Kannan Solayappan 10:47 am

The Western civilization has evolved throughout the past centuries, alongside the ideals of freedom. This evolution has cast a shadow over the destiny of freedom, leaving it in a dim light.
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Israel and the Peace Deals: The Key to Palestine’s Undoing

Written by Muhammad Bilal Farooq 10:48 am

The peace deals and Israel most certainly have ignited the rise and influence of Israel, but they have blunted the Palestinian resistance.
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How TV Adverts Reinforce Gender Roles in Pakistan

Written by Arfah Zia 10:47 am

The female gender is forced to assume a secondary role in Pakistan, as existing and suppressive gender roles only seem to depict demure and unambitious women and girls.
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Reaping What You Sow: Protesting India’s Agricultural Reforms

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:47 am

The farmers consider the recent agricultural reforms in India a reason for their indignation. They have demanded a rescission of these repressive laws.
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The Identity Crisis of Muslims in Non-Muslim Societies

Written by Muhammad Jamal Akbar 10:51 am

The antipathy and insensitivity in non-Muslim societies have driven Muslim minorities to the brink of an identity crisis. This piece gives reference to China, India, and the United States.
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From Globalization to Deglobalization: An Unwelcome Transition

Written by Hamza Wyne 10:49 am

The world is moving from globalization to deglobalization, and with heightened racism and economic disparity before us, it might not be long before we are thrown into an era of deglobalization.
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Indian Chronicles: Disinformation Warfare Against Pakistan

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:57 am

EU DisinfoLab has recently unearthed an Indian propaganda that aims to paint a negative picture of Pakistan globally. Such instances are not recent, as can be found in EU DisinfoLab’s report.
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The Rise of Populism in the World

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:46 am

The rise of populism is to be expected in recent times of disintegration and economic disparity. Populists sit behind a veil of democracy, running the state on anti-liberal values.
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