Month: February 2021

Chinese and Russian Relations in Central Asia

Written by Ramsha Qaiser 10:47 am

The paper explores the Chinese and Russian relations in the context of Central Asia as well as the possibility of future cooperation.
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Coke Studio in Pakistan: Market Rivalry Influencing Music

Written by Muhammad Bilal Farooq 10:47 am

Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s market rivalry has integrated itself into Pakistan’s music industry. This brand competition has created platforms like Coke Studio in Pakistan to revive its music.
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A Case Study of Lobbying in Canada

Written by Hurain Sheikh 10:47 am

The paper discusses the general concept of lobbying, its history, the several policies, and the legal framework of lobbying in Canada.
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Viet Cong in the Vietnam War: A Strategic Success

Written by Huma Masood 10:47 am

The leadership of Ho Chi Minh, along with the Viet Cong in Vietnam, was the salvation of the citizens of Vietnam. Its ideology represented the sentiments of the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war.
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The Untimely Deaths of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

Written by Maryam Farooq 10:47 am

Assassinations in the nuclear field of Iran have revealed the vulnerability in the state’s national security. It has also exposed that the enemy might be closer than the Islamic Republic perceives.
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Analyzing Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan’s Human Development Index & GDP

Written by Saif Ullah Khan 6:29 pm

The paper is structured around assessing mainly the gross domestic product and human development index of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
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The Sikh Community and the Khalistan Movement

Written by Shayan Asees 10:47 am

The author discusses the role of the Sikh diaspora in the Khalistan movement through a theoretical lens of long-distance nationalism.
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The Neglected Relationship Between Climate Change and Women

Written by Hafsa Hassan 10:47 am

What, really, is the connection between climate change and gender inequality? Studies and several examples show the disproportionate impact of climate change on women.
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Postcolonialism and Borders: Enduring Territorial Disputes

Written by Ramsha Qaiser 7:00 pm

The author seeks to draw a connection between postcolonialism and territorial disputes. Disputes of borders are one of the most explosive global flashpoints, which is a matter as much of current events as of history
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U.S. and China’s Balance of Power on the Asia-Pacific Chessboard

Written by Hira Akram 10:47 am

In the current world order, the region of Asia-Pacific has emerged as the central playing field for China and the United States. The shifting balance of power in the region has caused new alliances to form, and new threats to surface.
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The Sheedi Community of Pakistan

Written by Javeria Noman 10:49 am

Although they have a rich history, the Sheedi community of Pakistan is unknown to many. The Sheedis continue to foray into various disciplines to achieve due recognition and honor.
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Women of Kashmir: Casualties of an Armed Conflict

Written by Haris Azeem Yar Khan 10:47 am

The armed conflict in Indian-Administered Kashmir has begotten a system of violence and discrimination against the women of Kashmir. Over the years, Kashmiri women have come to bear the brunt of a conflict that impacts them disproportionately.
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Incensed Russia Protests with Navalny

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:47 am

The events of last year, along with Navalny’s trial, have left the Kremlin in a tight spot. The only options it has now, come with repercussions, creating a dilemma.
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An Analysis of Solid Waste Management in Karachi

Written by Sameen Wasim 10:47 am

Disregarded as an inconsequential matter in Pakistan, this paper focuses on solid waste management in Karachi, one of its largest cities.
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Pakistan’s Education System: The Literacy Conundrum

Written by Hamza Sharif 10:51 am

Pakistan’s education system is deeply flawed, with unskilled teachers, and an ever increasing socio-economic class divide within the institutions.
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World Interfaith Harmony Week: Celebrating Differences

Written by Sidra Azeem 10:48 am

Religious, ethnic, and cultural intolerance has become a common occurrence. Each passing year sees a greater need for interfaith harmony and tolerance.
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