Adeel Yousaf

Adeel Yousaf has a bachelor's degree in international relations from Quaid-i-Azam University. He has a keen interest in the geopolitics of the world and current affairs.

Bosnia-Pakistan Relations: Built on a Strong Foundation

Written by Adeel Yousaf 11:47 am

The cooperation between Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina can be traced back to the Bosnian civil war which was responsible for 100,000 casualties. During the war, Pakistan supplied weapons to the Bosnians, despite the UN-imposed arms embargo, and airlifted refugees into its territory. The author notes that since then, the two states have cooperated in the education, defense, and economic sectors. In 2005, when Pakistan was struck with a devastating earthquake, Bosnia and Herzegovina supported Pakistan by assisting in the health and education sector. The author asserts that given their strong ties, the cooperation between the two states can extend to other sectors as well.
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