Hafiza Noor ul Huda

Hafiza Noor ul Huda is currently pursuing her bachelor's in international relations from Lahore College for Women University. She has interned at the Centre for Global and Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad. Her publications include "Understanding the Severity of Climate Change: Global Response and Way forward", published by the National Herald Tribune, and a paper titled "ASEAN Economic Community: An Initiative for Socio-economic Development", published by CGSS.

The Four Waves of Modern Terrorism

Written by Hafiza Noor ul Huda 11:47 am

While state-perpetrated terrorism can be traced back to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, terrorism itself is rooted deep into human history. The author notes that the phenomenon of terrorism has undergone significant development since its usage by the Sicarii in the 1st century. The author relies on David Rapoport’s model of the four waves of modern terrorism to explain how the aims, motivation, rationale, and methods of achieving the aims have changed from the 1870s till now. She argues that while states have adopted measures to counter the current wave of religious fundamentalism, terrorism itself cannot be completely eradicated.
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