Tiejun Huаng

Tiejun Huаng graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is currently interning at the National College of Ireland. The author is fond of political science and, in particular, the peculiarities of the political structure of the Middle East.   

Turkey’s Opposition to NATO Expansion & the Madrid Summit

Written by Tiejun Huаng 11:55 am

Ever since the Madrid Summit recognized Turkey for its role in NATO and lifted the arms embargo on it, Ankara has sought to redefine its foreign relations. While Turkey is seeking an arms deal with the US, its decision to oppose Finland and Sweden is a clear indication of Erdogan’s uncompromising attitude towards his goals. Tiejun Huаng addresses the cause of Turkey’s opposition to Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership. The author explains that the Scandinavian states have utilized vague wording and lack of proper implementation procedures in the 2022 Madrid Summit agreement to avoid extraditing Kurdish militants to Turkey.
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