Ali Anwaar

Ali Anwaar is currently a student of law at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, with ambitions of pursuing human rights and legislative drafting. He is currently working as the Publishing Head in The Law Academy to spearhead the development of subject books that aim to revolutionize legal education in Pakistan.

Raising the Bar—Improving Legal Education in Pakistan

Written by Ali Anwaar 8:16 pm

Using his own experience as a law student in a Pakistani university and reflecting on his learnings from a semester spent in the United States, Ali Anwaar attempts to critically evaluate the quality of legal education in Pakistan. Is our legal education system keeping up with the times? Or is it failing both the students and the society? The article emphasizes on the need for reform in the legal education system in Pakistan, identifying the issues of outdated curricula, lack of interdisciplinary education and research, and inadequate practical training opportunities. Ali Anwaar argues that these issues hinder the ability of law graduates to navigate the complexities of the modern legal system, ultimately inhibiting access to law and justice for many people in Pakistan.
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