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Collaboration Between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council & China’s Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Written by Paradigm Shift 7:06 pm

On 15th July 2022, the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and China’s Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote agricultural cooperation between Pakistan and China. Under the MoU, the two institutes will work together to establish a joint agricultural research lab, paving the way for Pakistan to modernize its agricultural sector and learn from China.
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Sea Guardians-2: Pak-China Maritime Cooperation

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:00 pm

Sea Guardians-2, a code name for the maritime exercise between China and Pakistan was held from 10th till 13th July 2022. The navies of both countries gathered at the military port in Wusong, Shanghai to begin the bilateral exercise. This cooperation was further enhanced by the recent induction of PNS Taimur, a new Chinese 054 A/P frigate, into the Pakistan Navy.
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Defence Day Special: Pakistan Army’s Welfare Support

Written by Palwasha Aftab 7:30 pm

Palwasha Aftab contends that, unlike many baseless allegations, Army’s welfare organizations are not business ventures. Rather, as per their charter, they are welfare organizations registered under the Charitable Endowments Act 1890. Had Army’s welfare organizations not been providing their welfare services from their self-generated funds, there would have been an additional burden on the national exchequer of Rupees 10 billion annually – a whopping amount which the ailing economy of Pakistan can hardly afford. It is in view of these facts that the Pak Army’s welfare initiatives must be welcomed and supported rather than subjected to any malicious misinformation and/or disinformation.
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Pakistani IT Company Deemed Forbes Asia’s Best

Written by Paradigm Shift 11:47 am

Pakistan’s Systems Limited – an IT company – has made it to Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion list for the third consecutive time, owing to its innovative business model. Systems Limited is the only company from Pakistan to make it to the list, making this achievement even more noteworthy for the state.
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Pakistan-Iran Trade and the Upcoming Free Trade Agreement

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:55 pm

Pakistan and Iran, after years of not being able to establish a free trade agreement (FTA), have finally started to move in the direction of signing one. In the 21st session of the Pak-Iran Joint Economic Commission, hosted in Islamabad in August 2022, the two neighboring states have shown their eagerness to improve their trade relations by signing an FTA within the following six months.
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The World Bank in Pakistan: Transforming the Agriculture Sector

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:05 pm

The Punjab Resilient and Inclusive Agriculture Transformation (PRIAT) project, with the help of $200 million in financial aid from the World Bank, intends to reform the agricultural sector of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The project will boost the state’s economic growth and encourage private sector investments and participation in agro-food projects.
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TME Receives the 2022 Ed-Tech Award

Written by Paradigm Shift 2:00 pm

At the 2022 Technology Awards organised by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI), the Millennium Universal College (TMUC) and the Millennium Education (TME) Group bagged the Educational Technology (Ed-Tech) Award. The prestigious award is an indication of the institution’s dedication to digital education in Pakistan.
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The Essence of the Quran as Illuminated by Iqbal (R.H)

Written by Sidra Shahid 9:00 pm

Sidra Shahid discusses the core Islamic themes in the poetry of Iqbal (R.A) that have been inspired directly and indirectly by the Holy Quran. His couplets evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort for Muslims who seek the true spirit and values of Islam.
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GOHO Rooms: Transforming the Hospitality Industry in Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:12 pm

With the aim of transforming the hospitality industry in Pakistan, GOHO Rooms is partnering with existing hotels to digitize hotel operations – making them more accessible. With over 500 rooms in Pakistan already, they are planning to operate around 2,500 rooms by the end of 2023.
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Roots Millennials Qualify for the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup

Written by Paradigm Shift 5:33 pm

Four students from the Roots Millennium Education System recently qualified for the global round of the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup, an international competition that will be held at Yale University later this year. The students first qualified in the regional round in Karachi, and then in the global round in Dubai.
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Pakistan’s Participation in Chinese Trade Fairs

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:05 pm

From textile to food, the 2022-23 trade exhibitions in China will cover numerous subjects. China will further host webinars, conferences, workshops, and delegations, all of which are of particular interest to Pakistan. Starting from August 2022, Pakistan is expected to attend 13 trade exhibitions in China.
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UK’s £130 Million for Girls’ Education in Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 11:47 am

Due to an estimated 22.8 million children being out of school in Pakistan — about 12.2 million of them being girls — the UK has just pledged £130 million under its ‘Girls and Out of School: Action for Learning (GOAL)’ programme, to enable education for girls in Pakistan.
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The Hurs of Sanghar

Written by Javeria Noman 12:36 pm

Located in the Sindh province, the district of Sanghar has been a remarkable element of Pakistan’s history. Javeria Noman notes that with more than 77% of its population residing in rural areas, Sanghar relies heavily on agriculture and livestock. Though the district has a strong Sindhi influence on its culture, its distinguishing factor is the presence of the Hur community in the region. The Hurs played a notable role in the 1965 India-Pakistan war. Their involvement in the war severely impacted India’s advances in Sindh.
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2022 FIFA World Cup Match Ball: Made in Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 5:55 pm

Pakistan is proud to be chosen yet again as one of the official manufacturers of the FIFA World Cup’s official footballs. Selected for the third time, Sialkot-based Forward Sports is manufacturing the environment-friendly ‘Al-Rihla’ balls, which will be used in Qatar this winter.
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Bykea: Driving Fintech in Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 5:47 pm

Founded to provide accessible options to the public and businesses, Bykea is now looking to advance into fintech. It will use the $10 million it received in fresh funding to boost its fintech services in Pakistan.
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Roots Future World College Graduates Gain Global University Acceptances

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:12 pm

On 12th June, 2022, the Cambridge CAIE High Achievers & College Graduation Ceremony of the Future World School & College was organised at Marriott Hotel. The graduates and high achievers were celebrated for pulling through despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Sepoy Maqbool Hussain: The Bravest of the Brave

Written by Aleena Imran 12:03 pm

Aleena Imran discusses the unparalleled bravery of the great Sepoy Maqbool Hussain, a courageous Pakistani soldier who was imprisoned and tortured by the Indian Army for 40 years. Despite the horrifying abuse he suffered at the hands of his captors during interrogations, he kept repeating the phrase “Pakistan Zindabad”. When his heartless captors cut out his tongue and pulled out his fingernails – he continued writing the phrase with his own blood on the walls of his prison. His return to Pakistan was nothing short of a miracle – and his bravery and sacrifices should continue to serve as an inspiration for all of us.
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