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It’s Happening: the Saudi-Israel Peace Deal

Written by Hafsa Ammar 8:48 pm

Saudi Arabia and Israel have been working on a deal to normalize ties between the two nations. The news spread when Mohammed Bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, appeared in a televised interview with Fox News on 20th September and said that the nations were close to concluding a ‘serious’ agreement regarding bilateral peace. Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed the rumors of budding peace two days later as well. This deal is complex, and to understand it, there is a need to recognize all stakeholders and their respective demands.
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Key Takeaways from the G20 Delhi Declaration

Written by Yashfa Ahsan 8:28 pm

Held this year in Delhi, the G20 summit holds economic and political significance in reshaping the world order. The summit saw an expansion of the African Union. However, both China and Russia did not participate in the summit. It also saw India and the US seizing an opportunity to lay down the conceptual underpinnings of what might be an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative: a new economic corridor.
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Murder of Nijjar: Will Canada-India Relations Continue to Sour?

Written by Alishbah Syed 9:30 pm

On 18th June 2023, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, born in India and living in Canada, was murdered by two masked gunmen right outside his Sikh temple in a Vancouver suburb. The likely suspect by the Canadian authorities? The Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Khalistan movement is the reason behind the allegations that Canada has leveled against India. Bilateral diplomatic tensions have so far caused suspensions of visas, expulsion of diplomats, and a negative impact on trade and investment.
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Kunda System: The Leading Source of Electricity Theft in Pakistan

Written by Sadia Iqbal 8:32 pm

Sadia Iqbal elaborates on the pressing issue of electricity theft through the “kunda” system in Pakistan. This illegal practice enables individuals to bypass meters, evade electricity bills, and aggravate the nation’s energy crisis by establishing unauthorized connections to power lines. The author identifies undetectable transmission losses and social factors such as poverty as primary causes of the prevalence of electricity theft. The consequences of the kunda system extend beyond financial losses, encompassing damage to infrastructure, fostering dishonesty, and contributing to a broader atmosphere of lawlessness.
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China’s Influence in the Middle East Surges

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 9:43 pm

China has seized the opportunity to assert its presence in the Middle East to reshape the regional dynamics amidst a shift in the United States’ policy focus from the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific region under the Biden administration. Recent events like the Saudi-Iran agreement and the admission of some Middle Eastern nations in the BRICS bloc demonstrate China’s varied interests in the region, which range from conventional energy requirements to economic and geopolitical worries.
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The IMF-Pakistan Deal: Unpacking Pakistan’s Economic Realities

Written by Afifa Iqbal 7:58 pm

Afifa Iqbal highlights the economic challenges facing ordinary Pakistanis amidst the country’s recent IMF deal. Pakistan’s economy is in crisis, with soaring inflation rates and hardships for its citizens. The priorities of the political leadership have only made matters worse. The IMF’s conditions for the deal include fiscal austerity measures that prioritize debt servicing over public and development spending, leading to potential hardships for the people. Additionally, the policy targeting disinflation could result in increased borrowing expenses and unemployment.
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CSS Current Affairs 2023 Guess Paper

Written by Torchbearer CSS Academy 8:02 pm

Success in the CSS exam relies heavily on understanding current affairs. However, the CSS current affairs syllabus can be a bit unclear, causing many candidates to feel unsure. While the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) did provide the syllabus, it has not been updated. Also, the specific domestic issues to focus on can be hard to identify. Torchbearer CSS Academy aims to clarify these points and provide a helpful list of guess topics tailored for the special CSS exam.
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Indonesia’s Cultural Diplomacy at the 2023 ASEAN Summit

Written by Brilliant Windy Khairunnisa 6:52 pm

Indonesia is known for its large cultural diversity spread from one end of the country to the other, ultimately making it pay great attention to culture as the best tool in conducting diplomacy. Cultural diplomacy is carried out as a tool to achieve the national interests of each country. Taking advantage of its position as the host country for the 2023 ASEAN Summit, Indonesia carried out cultural diplomacy with artistic and cultural performances, promoting Batik as traditional clothing, as well as gastro diplomacy which received good appreciation from the heads of states who were present.
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Small Business, Big Impact: How Government Policies Can Boost Economic Growth in Pakistan

Written by Misha Karim 8:47 pm

Misha Karim suggests that Pakistan’s economic crisis can be resolved by promoting entrepreneurship through government policies such as streamlined regulations and tax reforms. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been providing financial support to Pakistan to address its economic crisis. However, IMF loans come with conditions such as reducing government spending and increasing taxes, which can negatively impact the economy and the people. It is important for Pakistan to implement structural reforms such as streamlining regulations and taxes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to promote growth and job creation. Supporting small businesses can play a key role in shaping the national growth strategy.
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India’s Moon Landing: A Remarkable Milestone

Written by Imama Khan 7:44 pm

India has achieved a momentous milestone by successfully landing a spacecraft, Chandrayaan-3, on the Moon. This groundbreaking endeavor, which has garnered global attention, marks a significant step for the country’s space exploration program. The mission, led by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), showcases India’s prowess in the field of technology and highlights its commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation. With this successful landing, India joins an exclusive group of nations that have achieved the remarkable feat of a lunar landing.
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Electricity Price Hike: A Tale of Poor Governance

Written by Naseerullah Khan 8:15 pm

Pakistan has been facing a myriad of issues, but the energy crisis is one such issue that has hit the country hard. The phrase ‘load shedding’ has become a part of our daily vocabulary. Insane and unexpected electricity bills are the talk of the town. Does Pakistan lack the capacity to generate enough electricity? Why has a sudden hike in the bills taken place? Is the current crisis a result of poor leadership or a natural occurrence? And above all, can this be fixed or not?
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Introduction to the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC)

Written by Waleed Ahmad 8:24 pm

The China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC) is a strategic infrastructure project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aimed at connecting China with Myanmar’s major economic centers. CMEC was endorsed by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Myanmar in January 2020, marking the culmination of China’s efforts to reconstitute Sino-Myanmar relations after Myanmar’s democratic transition.
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From Debt Burden to Economic Growth: A Roadmap for Pakistan’s Recovery

Written by Faryal Khan 9:17 pm

Faryal Khan discusses pakistan’s external debt and liabilities, proposing measures for the country’s economic recovery and growth. Drawing inspiration from successful examples and policies implemented by other countries, this article suggests policies such as improving the investment climate, reducing the cost of doing business, promoting renewable energy, and implementing microfinance policies. By adopting these policies, Pakistan can create a favourable business environment, attract more investment, and ultimately boost its economy. This proposed roadmap aims to help Pakistan transition from a debt burden to a path of economic growth and prosperity.
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The Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan

Written by Iman Faisal 8:22 pm

Established in 1924 as a federal law enforcement agency, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) ensures transparent revenue generation through tax collection. Using modern techniques, the professional workforce maintains the integrity of the institution by performing its duties while seeking to develop a healthy relationship with taxpayers. 
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Panama Canal’s Climate Crisis Affects $270 Billion Trade Industry

Written by Areeba Aftab 6:07 pm

For the fifth time this drought season, the Panamanian Canal Authority (ACP) has restricted the size of ships allowed to transit the canal. With about 38 vessels navigating it daily, a water supply issue is threatening the survival of this vital waterway. The climate crisis has forced Panama’s government to curtail maritime traffic in the channel that connects the Atlantic and Pacific.
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Intersecting Challenges: Arms Control and Climate Change

Written by Wajeeha Amin 7:38 pm

Wajeeha Amin explores the undeniable link between militarism and climate change. She asserts that military operations have substantial environmental impacts, including energy consumption, hazardous waste production, and habitat destruction. Nuclear weapons themselves pose devastating threats to the environment, from immediate devastation to long-term radioactive fallout. Hence, balancing defense budgets with climate solutions, and disarmament are essential to reducing climate change’s impacts.
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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: 10 Years and Beyond

Written by Ayesha Shaikh 7:18 pm

It’s been a decade since the inauguration of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a $50 billion project under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). While many believe that the project has failed in many respects, Ayesha Shaikh shares what it is and what it isn’t.
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