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Safarjee: The New Way to Book Travels in Pakistan!

Written by Safarjee 7:26 pm

Two travel enthusiasts, Farhan Nadeem and Moazzam Ahmed, present to you a one-stop website called Safarjee. This website will act as a haven, not only for the travelers but also for the travel operators. Having identified the lack of a comprehensive platform to facilitate the travel industry, Safarjee provides a one-stop-solution to customize travel itineraries and packages for each destination.
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Why Are the 2023 General Elections Important for Pakistan?

Written by Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood 8:08 pm

Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood shares why the upcoming 2023 general elections carry unprecedented importance for Pakistan. The elections would not only bring stability to the country’s political set-up but also a fully occupied National Assembly.
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The Pathan Unarmed

Written by Mishayam Jan Ayub 8:28 pm

Mukulika Banerjee’s “The Pathan Unarmed” is an enlightening book that dives into the captivating history of Pashtuns’ nonviolent resistance. It gives an in-depth history of the Khudai Khidmatgaar movement, which was started and steered by Abdul Ghaffar Khan, commonly known as Bacha Khan. His non-violent movement became a sincere instrument for the transformation of Pathans from a group with polemic and defiant nature to a non-violent one.
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Chukar Partridge, the National Bird of Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 8:17 pm

Known for its striking plumage and adaptability to rocky habitats, the chukar partridge – commonly called the “chakor” or “chakoor” – holds the honour of being the national bird of Pakistan. The bird’s significance as the national bird goes beyond its striking beauty. The chakor represents the country’s diverse wildlife and the resilience of its natural ecosystems.
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Tug of War Between Central Governments and Supreme Courts in Pakistan and India

Written by Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood 8:21 pm

Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood discusses the uncanny similarities in both the constitutional, and political discourse in India and Pakistan. Despite their longstanding hostility, both countries find themselves entangled in a web of mistrust between their respective centers and the Supreme Courts. These intriguing coincidences send us down a fascinating path fraught with power struggles, legislative interventions, and the slow erosion of institutional trust.
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What Does a Stable Afghanistan Mean for China?

Written by Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood 7:56 pm

Despite being an underdeveloped country, Afghanistan seems to have gained China’s attention. China desires a stable Afghanistan so that it can safeguard its national and cross-border security. Moreover, China needs to have stability in its landlocked neighbor so that it can further its economic expansion. Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood sheds light on the importance of stability in Afghanistan for China and China’s attempts to make sure that it enjoys a stable neighborhood.
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 A National Circus: The Game of Power and the Neglected Masses

Written by Zuha Tiwana 7:50 pm

“Why are people fighting on TV?”, an innocent child asked his mom, after watching the clash between the police and the protesters last week on TV. This question prompted Zuha Tiwana, the mother of that child, to pen down the consequences that the national-level circus has had on the public’s welfare.
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The Propaganda War Between India and Pakistan Post-Pulwama

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 8:00 pm

After the Pulwama attack in India, tensions between both Pakistan and India rose rapidly. The escalation eventually culminated in an aerial dogfight where an Indian MiG-21 was downed by Pakistan and its pilot, Abhinandan, captured. To save face, India began a propaganda campaign claiming that a Pakistani F-16 was downed by India. This led to a massive war of words between both countries characterized by lies, jingoism, hyperbole, and nationalism. While both countries’ media were to be blamed for the preceding, the Indian media was more culpable for displaying such negative traits. Eventually, this propaganda war was settled by international news agencies and organizations that corrected many false Indian claims, especially the one relating to the alleged downed Pakistani F-16. The final nail in the coffin was when a US inventory check asserted that no Pakistani F-16s were missing and therefore Pakistan came out as the victor in the dogfight as well as the propaganda war.
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The Role of Hydropolitics in Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Written by Ayesha Javaid 8:01 pm

Ayesha Javaid discusses how Pakistan has been embroiled in politics over water resources since its independence – at both local and international levels. Pakistan and India initially had disagreements over the Indus Basin, which was finally settled by the Indus Water Treaty in 1960. However, with India now demanding modifications in the 62-year-old treaty, serious water-based conflicts between the two countries are a likely possibility. Pakistan also faces water troubles within, as provincial governments have failed to reach an agreement over the much-needed construction (& even usage) of dams.
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Violated: The Sanctity of Courts

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 8:58 pm

The courts are one of the fundamental features of any society. They are the protectors of rights, the rule of law, equality, and justice. The courts are the voice of the silenced and protectors of the unprotected. Huzaifah Sehgal ponders upon the recent violation of the sanctity of the courts and what this means for the country.
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Violent Protests in Pakistan: A Hollow Endeavour?

Written by Sumaira Waseem 8:15 pm

As Pakistanis, we’re accustomed to placing the blame on others and seeking remedies through sit-ins and protests that characteristically morph into violent and fruitless endeavours. This time, however, it won’t just stop with arrests and economic contractions as the economy is closely inching towards a catastrophic collapse.
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The Shah Jahan Mosque: A Lasting Gift for the People of Sindh

Written by Aleena Imran 8:19 pm

Built in 1647 in Thatta, during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the Shah Jahan Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques constructed at the time. The mosque was presented as a gift to the people of Sindh, who provided Shah Jahan a refuge from his father. The mosque has no minarets, and has a hundred domes, making it truly one of a kind. The acoustics are such that sounds over 100 decibels are easily heard in all corners of the mosque. The remarkable structure and intricate decor allow both locals and tourists to witness the majestic grandeur of Mughal architecture.
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Pakistan’s Need for Civic Education

Written by Ayshum Ahmed, Fatima Idrees, Iman Mujahid and Maheen Humayun 8:50 pm

The paper emphasizes the importance of civic education for a truly democratic state. It is certainly Pakistan’s best bet for promoting active political participation, increasing civic engagement in political activities, and encouraging healthy voting behaviors, while improving the constitutional literacy of the populace. This paper also tackles ways to improve civic education and engagement in Pakistan by analyzing the German model of civic education.
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The Great Gama: The Greatest Wrestler of His Time

Written by Rabia Rasool 8:25 pm

With an undefeated track record over the course of his five-decade-long career, Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt from the Indian subcontinent was one of the greatest wrestlers of the early 20th century. He’s more commonly known and recognized by the name he earned from his winning streak, the Great Gama. Even Bruce Lee was inspired by the champion’s diet and exercise regime. Following the partition, he moved to Pakistan and lived there till his death in 1960.
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Remembering Iqbal Masih’s Story

Written by Maryam Jilani 8:48 pm

The rampant child labor in Pakistan is the consequence of the living conditions due to poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and government inaction. We remember the story of Iqbal Masih who relentlessly fought for his freedom from the chains of slavery. Even after his untimely death, Iqbal’s efforts against child labor continue to resound throughout the nation.
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Affordable and Safe Housing in Pakistan: Addressing Inflated Prices & Misleading Advertisements

Written by Muhammad Aslam Khan 8:00 pm

Muhammad Aslam Khan highlights the unethical and misleading advertising practices employed by many housing societies in Pakistan. He notes that they focus solely on investment potential and profitability, while ignoring basic safety features and building codes. He stresses the need for the government to enact laws to regulate the real estate market. To provide safe and affordable housing options to people, there is a dire need for solid investment in the housing sector.
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Exploring Pakistan’s Energy Sector: Sources and Trends

Written by Maryam Jilani 8:24 pm

Similar to many developing nations, Pakistan has been experiencing a serious shortage of energy for almost 20 years. The nation’s meager domestic oil and gas reserves are running out quickly, while coal and alternative sources of energy are difficult to harness. Maryam Jilani gives a comprehensive overview of the regulators of the energy sector, the sources of energy production, as well as the patterns of energy consumption in Pakistan.
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