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Did you ever think about submitting those research papers you wrote in university and becoming a published author? Ever thought of publishing articles on topics that resonate with you? Welcome to Paradigm Shift – a global politics publication & academic hub for students, graduates, & aspiring writers. That means we aim to provide the global youth with a platform where they can conduct meaningful research, as well as publish their work to showcase their writing proficiency.

Paradigm Shift publishes articles, research papers, op-eds, and book reviews on international relations, global politics, current affairs, and Pakistan. In other words, published pieces could range from the civil war in Libya to rising tensions between Pakistan and India; from the trade war between China and America to the illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine; from the One Belt One Road initiative to the rise of the political right in Europe. If your work falls within our purview and passes the editorial review, we would be honored to publish your submissions.

Publishing Research Papers

Research papers are papers that you have probably written or will write for your college or university classes. These include term papers, reviews, critical essays, thought papers, policy briefs, and so on. These papers are extensively researched and properly referenced/cited. The language used in these papers is usually of an academic standard.

Submissions 2023

Since way too many college and university research papers collect “e-dust” after receiving a grade, Paradigm Shift offers a novel avenue for students and graduates to publish these hidden gems. We also accept theses and dissertations as long as they meet the word limit assigned for research papers.

Kindly check the Submissions page for details.

Our research papers are available here.

Publishing Articles

Articles refer to pieces found in various newspapers and magazines, both online and print. They are less technical, use non-academic language, and cater to the general public. They can range from short op-eds to more in-depth and extensive pieces.

Many of us have read the deliberations of experienced writers on important topics throughout our lives, but we want the youth of Pakistan and the world to chime in on the debate. You do not need 20 years of writing experience to effectively research and eloquently word an incisive article. Show the world that by writing and publishing articles on burning issues, you can alter perspectives – and shift the paradigm.

Our articles can be found here.

Publishing Book Reviews

We also publish reviews of books related to international relations, global politics, or Pakistan. Whether it is a review of a classic like “The Tragedy of Great Powers” or a more contemporary read such as “Why Nations Fail”, send it over.

Our book reviews can be found here.

Submission guidelines for research papers, articles, and book reviews can be found on this link.

Our Writing Contest

We also host an annual writing contest aptly named The Writer’s Paradigm. Currently it is open to Pakistanis only but we plan on increasing the scope in the future. 

Why We Primarily Focus on the Youth?

Pakistan has one of the largest populations of young people in the world with around 140 million people below the age of 30. Moreover, around half of the world’s population is below the age of 30. Given these vast numbers, Paradigm Shift feels that the youth should play an empowered role in important deliberations around the world.

While there are various publication platforms available to experienced scholars and established authors, the same luxury is usually not accorded to young researchers and writers. We aim to change the status quo by offering a haven to young aspiring researchers and writers.

Although Paradigm Shift primarily focuses on the youth, we also invite researchers and writers from all generations to submit their work. So whether you are a student, a fresh graduate, a Ph.D. scholar, an experienced professional, or a retired individual, we welcome you to submit your pieces!

Connecting the World and Reshaping Pakistan’s Narrative

What are the benefits of publishing articles and research papers on Paradigm Shift? Well, we endeavor to serve Pakistan and the world through rich, well-researched, and eloquently articulated work. Paradigm Shift is essentially a bridge between Pakistan and the world allowing Pakistan to further improve its global image via its youth and allowing the world to participate in the dissemination of quality information. When you publish with us, know that your work will definitely reach a vast audience and will undoubtedly aid your writing portfolio. It is Paradigm Shift’s obligation to empower Pakistan and the world’s youth by giving them a platform to express themselves.

For more information check our FAQs page or contact us directly.
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