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Are you interested in interning as a writer, editor, interviewer, graphic designer, videographer, or social media specialist? Join the Paradigm Shift team and gain valuable experience in your chosen field. 

To be eligible, interns should be enrolled in a bachelor’s program or possess a bachelor’s degree. The internship duration is flexible, but we prefer a minimum commitment of 6 weeks. All work is conducted remotely, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home. If selected, Paradigm Shift will email you our Terms & Conditions, which must be accepted before commencing work.

Each batch of interns produces outstanding individuals, and we recognize the top performers as our Top Interns. These exceptional interns not only receive an experience letter but a Certificate of Excellence from Paradigm Shift as well. Furthermore, we celebrate their achievements by featuring their names on the Paradigm Shift website, the monthly PDF magazine, and social media platforms.

Internships are unpaid but there are many reasons why you should consider interning with us such as the following.

Why Work With Us?

Experience Letter: All interns who complete their 6 weeks will receive an internship/experience certificate. Furthermore, all Top Interns receive an experience letter as well as a Certificate of Excellence and are celebrated on all our platforms.

Wide Reach: With approximately 200,000 monthly visits, your work has the potential to be seen by thousands of readers. Since our establishment in 2020, our website’s traffic has consistently grown. We are one of Pakistan’s fastest growing websites!

Strong Social Media Presence: We boast a social media following of over 50,000. We share all our published work across our social media accounts, further increasing the visibility of your contributions.

Career Enhancement: Collaborating with Paradigm Shift will enrich your CV and expand your writing, editing, graphic design, or social media portfolio. You’ll work alongside talented individuals from the best universities worldwide, offering you an inspiring environment for professional growth. Due to the experience gained from Paradigm Shift, our previous interns have enrolled in reputable universities across the world and/or have gone to work for amazing companies.

Skill Development: Interning with a reputable publication like ours will enhance your research, writing, and other relevant skills, providing a valuable learning experience.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Embrace the comfort and flexibility of working from home =D

The Writer’s Paradigm: Our annual writing contest, The Writer’s Paradigm, is always the talk of the town and provides a much-needed avenue for the youth to showcase their writing skills. Increase your chances of winning big cash prizes by working with us and augmenting your research and writing skills.

Apply for Internship

To apply, please email us at [email protected] with your CV and relevant experience/portfolio.

For example, if you are applying as a writer, please attach your CV, writing samples, and/or published work in the email. If you are applying as a graphic designer submit your CV as well as graphic design work and so on.

Paradigm Shift work with us

To view previous Top Interns, please click here.

Please refer to the contributor’s page if you’d like to see a complete list of all our contributors, including in-house writers, guest writers, and interns.

If you are NOT interested in working as an intern but would like to submit an article, research paper, op-ed, or book review, please check our submission guidelines here!

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