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Interested in interning as a writer, editor, interviewer, graphic designer, or social media specialist? Email [email protected] with your CV and appropriate experience/portfolio. For example, if you are interested in interning as a writer, you should attach your CV as well as writing samples and/or published work.

Internships are unpaid but interns will receive an experience letter upon completing their internships. The minimum educational requirement for an intern is either a bachelor’s degree or for them to be enrolled in a bachelor’s program. Internship periods are flexible but a minimum of 6 weeks is preferred. All work is done remotely so you can work from the comfort of your home.

Check out this impressive list of contributors who have submitted to, worked with, or interned with Paradigm Shift.

Why Work With Us?

  • We receive around 30,000-40,000 people every month so your work will be potentially seen by thousands of people. Our traffic has been steadily growing since our inception in 2020.
  • Our social media following is 40,000+ and we share all our published work on our social media accounts.
  • Enhance your CV by becoming a published author at Paradigm Shift. Publications are a highlight of any CV!
  • Our authors, guest submitters, and interns come from the best universities from around the world so you are in great company.
  • Interning with a professional publication will augment your research and writing skills.
  • Work from home like the champ you are 😉

If you are NOT interested in working as an intern but would like to submit an article, research paper, or book review, please check our submission guidelines here!

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