This section contains interviews of IR experts, ambassadors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and young trailblazers amongst many others.

A Conversation with Father Gulshan Barkat

Written by Eman Nawab 6:14 pm

In our conversation with Father Gulshan Barkat, we learn the importance of an impactful educational ecoystem for all the people of Pakistan. Fr. Barkat discusses history, research, interfaith education, and brain drain.
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A Conversation with Brigadier (R) Samson Simon Sharaf

Written by Eman Nawab 8:45 pm

In our conversation with Brigadier (Retd) Samson Simon Sharaf, we follow the journey of one Pakistani Christian’s dedication to his military career. Following retirement, he continues to write on matters of political economy as an expert in the field.
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A Conversation with SP Amna Baig

Written by Paradigm Shift 8:57 pm

In our conversation with SP Amna Baig, who created the Gender Protection Unit in Islamabad, we explore her difficult CSS journey, her choices as a woman in Pakistan, and her desire to set an example of strength for the women in the country.
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Bullying in Pakistan: Hafsa Saeed Khan’s Perspective

Written by Paradigm Shift 4:15 pm

In our talk with Ms Hafsa Saeed Khan, a mental health and anti-bullying advocate, we notice how bullying continues to thrive both in online and offline spaces. While bullying affects all ages, the most heavily impacted are people between the ages of 18 and 29.
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Education in Balochistan: A Conversation with Sangeen Khan

Written by Paradigm Shift 4:13 pm

In our conversation with Mr Sangeen Khan, a strategic affairs analyst and a social activist from Balochistan, we understand that education seems to be the only cure to the plight of the people in the province.
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