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#EndSARS in Nigeria: Speaking Against Systemic Oppression

Written by Sarosh Ibrahim 6:47 pm

A recent social media campaign demanding End Special Anti-Robbery Squad or #EndSARS has gained...

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Is Military Force Effective in Responding to a Terrorist Insurgency?

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 7:02 pm

Military force becomes mandatory when a deadly insurgent group, the likes of an ISIS or the LTTE,...

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Will Lukashenko’s Belarus Prevail or Fall?

Written by Muzamil Wasti 6:47 pm

President Lukashenko's sustained grip on Belarus has forced the citizens to protest against the...

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Growing Arab-Israel Relations: Who Will Fall Next?

Written by Muzamil Wasti 6:41 pm

The Arab-Israel relations have gathered considerable momentum in the past one month, ever since...

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The Adversity Faced by the Rohingya People

Written by Sadia Atta 6:41 pm

Stateless refugees, the Rohingya Muslims find themselves in limbo — and in desperate need of...

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The Link Between Culture and Sustainable Development

Written by Amna Babar 6:47 pm

Culture is not considered an antecedent to sustainable development – even though it largely...

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Pakistan and Azerbaijan: A Strategic Alliance

Written by Sumaira Waseem 6:47 pm

An alliance that is secured by mutual support and burgeoning trade relations, Azerbaijan and...

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Azerbaijan and Armenia: The Conflict Explained

Written by Muzamil Wasti 6:47 pm

The South Caucasus pulsates with the sounds of an incipient war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The...

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The East Timor Conflict: When Military Intervention Works

Written by Mehwish Kayani 6:47 pm

Indonesia invaded and occupied East Timor in 1975. Tensions escalated to a boil in 1999 when East...

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Pakistan’s Textile Industry in the Shadow of Coronavirus

Written by Afifa Iqbal 7:00 pm

This paper analyses the impact of the coronavirus on trade, GDP growth, and the textile industry of...

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Domestic Abuse in Pakistan: A Ticking Bomb

Written by Amna Khan 6:52 pm

According to research, 90% of women in Pakistan have faced domestic violence. Although the number...

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Pakistan and India Will Go to War Again

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 6:47 pm

The paper describes the major reasons why Pakistan and India will go to war again. It asserts that...

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The Social Exclusion of Transgenders in Pakistan

Written by Arfah Zia 6:58 pm

Transgenders have invariably been ostracized in Pakistan and hence suffer economically and...

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Recommendations for the Intra-Afghan Peace Process

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 6:47 pm

Although the intra-Afghan peace process sounds promising on paper for Afghans and vested parties...

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Troubled Waters: Revisionist China & The South China Sea Dispute

Written by Mehwish Kayani and Kinza Shah 6:23 pm

The South China Sea is important due to economic, military, and strategic factors. This region,...

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