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The Second Round of the Doha Talks Between America and Taliban

Written by Alina Fayaz 7:53 pm

About 40% of Afghanistan’s GDP and 75% of its public expenditure depends upon foreign aid. Since the Taliban takeover, the foreign assistance to the state has taken a plunge and the US government has seized over $9.5 billion worth of Afghan assets, worsening the humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan. Given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, the US and the Taliban have, once again, decided to cooperate and pursue a second round of talks in Doha. Although the Taliban regime has not been recognized by the US, the former is hopeful that the two-day talks will start a “new chapter” in their political relations.
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The Rising Inflation of Pakistan

Written by Daniyal Ali 8:47 pm

Despite growing remittances, the inflation rate in Pakistan continues to soar with a current inflation rate of 9.2% in October 2021. This is a whopping increase from 3.93% in 2018. The author, Daniyal Ali, discusses the possible reasons — IMF and mafias — for this sombre trend, and recommends a course of action for the future.
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The Agricultural Sector of Pakistan: Benefits of Precision Agriculture

Written by Ayesha Irum 8:47 pm

The agriculture sector of Pakistan accounts for 24% of the GDP and is responsible for the livelihoods of 65-70% of the state’s population. Yet, due to the challenges presented by fast-paced industrialization, climate change, and outdated farming and irrigation practices, this sector is being threatened. The author, Ayesha Irum, notes that by adopting precision agriculture, Pakistani farmers can thoroughly monitor, access, and analyze the agricultural land. Precision agriculture will not only benefit the farmers due to its cost-effectiveness but will also reduce water and crop losses. The author asserts that if implemented properly, it can increase the yield of Pakistan’s crops.
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History of the Gilgit Baltistan Area — Liberation from the Dogras

Written by Palwasha Khan 8:47 pm

Known for its splendid mountains, natural beauty, hospitable people, distinctive culture, and linguistics, Gilgit Baltistan is the talk of the town for welcoming outsiders with open arms. Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the region to spectate its beauty and diversity. However, the beauty of the region was once stained by the Dogra tribe. Gilgit Baltistan was liberated from the Dogra rule on November 1, 1947, and this year marks the 74th independence of the region.
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Will CPEC Become a Chinese Debt Trap Against Pakistan?

Written by Muhammad Ali Talib 11:47 am

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has promised to create millions of employment opportunities, and undertake essential infrastructure and energy projects. The author, Muhammad Ali Talib, a practicing advocate of the High Court of Pakistan, notes that despite the benefits of CPEC, the immense Chinese lending to Pakistan has created a debt problem for the latter. An AidData report, analyzing 100 Chinese debt contracts, reveals that the Chinese loan agreements contain confidentiality clauses that prevent borrowers like Pakistan from revealing any details of the agreements to the general public. Furthermore, these contracts include cross-default clauses, stabilization clauses, and “No Paris Club” clauses which increase China’s bargaining power and policy influence over the borrowing states.
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Relations Between Pakistan and Indonesia: Deepening Trade & Engaging with ASEAN

Written by Zohra Asif 12:09 pm

This year, the Republic of Indonesia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan celebrate 71 years of diplomatic relations. The author, Zohra Asif, discusses how expanding bilateral trade relations can prove to be vital in strengthening and diversifying Pakistan’s economy. As challenging as it is, Indonesia has assured Pakistan of its support in helping the latter attain Full Dialogue Partner status with ASEAN.
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Honouring Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Edhi Welfare Center, & Foundation

Written by Alina Fayaz 11:47 am

Abdul Sattar Edhi, born in 1928, was Pakistan’s most notable philanthropist and humanitarian. From a small dispensary in Karachi, Edhi built a foundation that now extends to several countries and provides ambulances, shelter homes, clinics, asylums, maternity homes, blood banks, adoption centers, schools, and orphanages. The author, Alina Fayaz, notes that the Edhi Foundation, which relies on private donations and local volunteers, is breaking religious and social barriers. Through his hard work and untiring efforts, Edhi placed human life at the forefront of everything and helped people without any discrimination. This has continued to inspire people to donate to the cause, even after the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi’s dedication to his work has won him several awards, but most of all, it has won him the hearts of the people.
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The TLP Party & its Future: Will There Be Any Political Alliances?

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 1:11 pm

The article presents an overview of the history and ideology of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). Owing to the possibility of alliances, the author, Muhammad Hamza Tanvir, personally contacted a senior member of the party to enquire about TLP’s agenda and the kind of system that they would impose if they were to form a government in the country.
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The Biden-Xi Summit: Deliberating Taiwan, Trade, HR Violations & Climate Change

Written by Ayesha Zafar 12:00 pm

The much-awaited Biden-Xi virtual summit took place on 15th November to deliberate and resolve the contentious issues between the two states. The meeting focused on four key areas: Taiwan, trade relations, human rights violations, and climate change.
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Hunza’s Attabad Lake: A Miracle in Tragedy

Written by Alina Fayaz 11:47 am

In 2010, a disastrous landslide claimed the lives of 20 people in the Gojal region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This very landslide resulted in the water from the Hunza River being blocked for five months and formed one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan – the Attabad Lake. Today, the existence of the Attabad Lake reminds many of the tragic loss of life but its beautiful turquoise water surrounded by snow-capped mountains also provides the tourists and locals with a sense of tranquility. The author, Alina Fayaz, notes that the treetops in the middle of the lake are a constant reminder of the natural disaster which created the lake. She explains that despite the lake’s history, the scenic view of the lake and the numerous tourist activities attract foreign and local tourists alike.
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The Flawed Justice System of Pakistan: Delays, Biases & the Rana Shamim Fiasco

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 12:00 pm

According to the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2021 report, Pakistan ranks 130th out of 139 countries. The index is a measure of a nation’s commitment to the rule of law that is assessed by considering several factors. The author, Muhammad Hamza Tanvir, outlines the flaws — such as protracted proceedings — in the justice system of Pakistan. Cases such as the Noor Muqaddam case and the Model Town case are mired in endless delays thus besmirching the courts in the country.
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The Untapped Blue Economy of Pakistan

Written by Ayesha Zafar 11:47 am

Pakistan’s geostrategic position and its proximity to the Indian Ocean are quite favourable to the country in terms of realizing the benefits of the blue economy. The author, Ayesha Zafar, has brought the neglected yet lucrative area to the fore. The world’s blue economy, if properly taken advantage of, could yield a profit of around $24 trillion annually.
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China’s Currency Devaluation Explained: Yuan vs Dollar

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 11:46 am

In 2019, the former US president, Donald Trump, declared China a currency manipulator. Although his predecessor, Barack Obama, had refrained from labeling China as such, he had shown frustration with its currency devaluation. For China, the low currency has been a cause for greater foreign investment. Since the state has a cheap production cost and labor, the international community now relies heavily on China’s exports. The author, Muhammad Hamza Tanvir, notes that China stockpiles American dollars and then uses them to purchase US treasuries which, in certain cases, can prove disastrous for the US. He explains that the US and China are ensnared in the Thucydides’ Trap and any development in their relations will affect the entire world.
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The Most Polluted City of the World: Lahore

Written by Ayesha Zafar 11:47 am

Lahore, a city once known for its gardens, has now become the world’s most polluted city. On the 15th and 16th of November, the city’s Air Quality Index (AQI) score reached 425 and 307 respectively. Currently, the hazardous air quality in Lahore has placed 13 million people at risk. The author notes that the severity of air pollution in Lahore has been underreported in Pakistan. It was not until 2017 that the public was made aware of it. She explains that the pollution in Lahore raises serious concerns about the performance of the government, key authorities, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Although Pakistan’s government and the EPA have initiated several programs to mitigate the air pollution in the state, the situation would take time to improve.
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Information about CSS in Pakistan: Examination, Grades, Groups & Pay Scales

Written by Zuha Tiwana 11:47 am

In Pakistan, the bureaucracy serves as the backbone in running the state machinery. Thus, government jobs are the priority of the youth because of the power, job security, and benefits that come with the role. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) recruits ideal candidates for these lucrative jobs majorly through the Central Superior Services exams (CSS). The author, Zuha Tiwana, provides a detailed view of the CSS process – discussing the exams, interviews, common training, and eventual allocations.
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Welcoming Digitalization in Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 11:47 am

The demand for a digital transformation in Pakistan is critical in creating a transparent and efficient system for the public. The author, Muhammad Hamza Tanvir, explores the current state – and the digital prospects – of voting and government services. He also praises the introduction of training programs such as DigiSkills and E-Rozgar.
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The Media’s Role in Society: Impartial Reporting or Circulating Fake News?

Written by Muhammad Hamza Sharif 11:47 am

Internationally, the media has played a significant role in spreading misinformation, fake news, and shaping the public’s opinion to serve a specific interest. The author, Muhammad Hamza Sharif, notes that while the media has helped raise awareness about certain matters, like the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also been the leading actor in bolstering fifth-generation warfare. He explains that since a large population of the world relies on social media for news, it is the most appropriate tool for propagating fake news. Given that Pakistan has 183 million active smartphones, misinformation through messaging applications such as WhatsApp spreads like wildfire. The author provides a few suggestions to counter this misinformation and to help strengthen Pakistan’s media.
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