Pakistan’s Israel Conundrum

Written by Afifa Iqbal 12:03 pm

While there have allegedly been quite a few secret meetings between the state officials of Pakistan and Israel in the past, the recent public visit of the Pakistani delegation to Israel has raised a lot of questions about whether Pakistan will recognize the state. Afifa Iqbal discusses the events that led to this meeting, and how it would be unwise to attempt to normalise ties with Israel without considering Pakistan’s national interests.
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Understanding the Kashmir Conflict Through Realism

Written by Haleema Bhatti 12:28 pm

The Kashmir conflict started between India and Pakistan after the Maharaja of Kashmir Hari Singh acceded to India – despite it being a Muslim majority area. This research aims to study the history of the Kashmir conflict and the policies adopted by India and Pakistan from a realist perspective. Haleema Bhatti believes that for national interests and state survival, both states have tried their best to maximise their power and dominance in the region.
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The Unjust Criminal Justice System of Pakistan

Written by Alishba Siddiqui 12:18 pm

The crude reality of countless unresolved cases exposes the incompetence and the flaws of the criminal justice system of Pakistan. Alishba Siddiqui discusses how despite being extremely ‘high profile’, justice has still not been served in the Noor Muqaddam case, the Benazir Assassination case, and the Jazlan murder case – and many others.
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The Nexus Between Institutions and Economic Growth

Written by Afifa Iqbal 12:32 pm

Institutions, specifically good/inclusive ones and those from Europe and North America, have been synonymous with economic growth. Afifa Iqbal proposes to eliminate the dichotomous view of institutions and instead, pay attention to the dynamics between the concerned state and society, the socio-political realities, and the historical entanglements.
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The Untimely Deaths of Dr. Rizwan, Malik Maqsood Chaprasi & Others: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 1:02 pm

Pakistan is a country where uncanny coincidences are commonplace. The sudden deaths of key figures in the Ramzan Sugar Mills case like Dr. Rizwan and Malik Maqsood Chaprasi have raised a few eyebrows. Sarmad Ishfaq details a few of these recent ‘sudden’ deaths and then discusses how such ‘random convenient coincidences’ have also taken place in the past.
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IMF in Pakistan: Culprit or Scapegoat?

Written by Rida Yamin 12:33 pm

Though Pakistan has a history of relying on IMF loans, Rida Yamin notes that the organization is not to blame for the state’s economic condition. She asserts that poor governance is a key factor in Pakistan’s economic decline and its tendency to take loans from the IMF. The political parties in Pakistan either fail to implement efficient policies or make high-cost-low-yield flawed policies that further exacerbate the economic crisis.
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Examining PTI’s 2018 Manifesto

Written by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Khan 11:47 am

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Khan appraises PTI’s performance from 2018 to the party’s abrupt end in April 2022. The party’s own 2018 manifesto is reviewed to understand the contributions that it has been able to make — and the damage it has left in its wake.
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Explainer: Foreign Exchange Reserves

Written by Afifa Iqbal 12:12 pm

The term ‘foreign exchange reserves’ has become a buzzword lately. From talk shows to op-eds, everybody seems to be talking about it, but the concept itself continues to elude the comprehension of people who are not well-versed in economic jargon. Afifa Iqbal sets out the basics around foreign exchange reserves.
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The Pressing Water Crisis in Cholistan

Written by Afifa Iqbal 12:17 pm

An unrelenting drought is threatening to push Cholistan into a permanent water crisis. Afifa Iqbal explains how water mismanagement runs deep in Pakistan. She also provides a viable solution to our water woes.
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Overdue Land Reforms in Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Asad 11:47 am

The article is about the land reforms in Pakistan, the most significant yet neglected priority. Muhammad Asad details how the unaccomplished reforms hinder the progress of the non-ruling class and worsen their socio-economic conditions.
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The Political Situation of Pakistan under the PML-N: 1990s vs the Present

Written by Afifa Iqbal 12:09 pm

Afifa Iqbal notes that the current political situation in Pakistan is reminiscent of the 1990s, a time when the people suffered while the political elite struggled for power. During the government of PML-N in the ’90s, corruption was rampant in Pakistan, and once again, the country’s economy is suffering at the expense of the desires of the PML-N-led PDM government. The author argues that despite the PDM’s claims of democracy, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has not gone down the democratic route.
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The Unbalanced Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Written by M. Shaheer Khattak 12:28 pm

Lacking a judicious and effective foreign policy, Pakistan has always struggled against an unprecedented combination of challenges related to external relations. M. Shaheer Khattak walks us through Pakistan’s foreign relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, India, Afghanistan, and the United States.
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Suisse Secrets: Disclosing Financial Information

Written by Kashaf Imran 12:20 pm

In this recent instalment of financial investigations, the Suisse Secrets has revealed the details of over 30,000 clients of Credit Suisse. Kashaf Imran lists some of the prominent people who have maintained accounts at this major Swiss bank.
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Pakistan and America – Relations Strained by US Involvement

Written by Iqra Mumtaz 6:08 pm

Since Pakistan’s independence in 1947, America has maintained a continuous presence in the state’s political affairs. Iqra Mumtaz notes that throughout the history of Pakistan-US relations, the US’s policies towards Pakistan have revolved around engagement, containment, and the “carrots or sticks” approach. Yet, the American support of subservient regimes in Pakistan has remained constant.
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PTI’s Long March

Written by Iqra Mumtaz 11:52 am

Imran Khan’s calls for Long March were followed by a governmental crackdown on PTI workers. The peaceful march turned violent and bloody after the government called the police forces. Iqra Mumtaz gives a brief account of the short-lived march that happened on 25th May.
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AI Usage and Its Scope in Pakistan

Written by Zainish Abbas 6:00 pm

In a world moving towards artificial intelligence (AI), Pakistan is lagging behind. Several businesses, companies, and brands – including Nike – all across the world have incorporated AI in their operations. Though Pakistan is making progress in the realm of AI, the author, Zainish Abbas, suggests that the state needs to introduce AI systems in its medicine and journalism fields as well.
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The Instability in Pakistan & Afghanistan: How the US & India Benefit the Most

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 6:11 pm

Since the Taliban takeover, the situation in Afghanistan has continued to deteriorate to the point where the country is not only facing a humanitarian crisis but also an insurgency in the shape of the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP). Moreover, Afghanistan’s neighbor – Pakistan – has experienced an increase in terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Amid the political crisis in Pakistan, these attacks have soured Pak-Afghan relations. The author, Sarmad Ishfaq, notes that the continued instability in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and their strained relations, are benefitting India and the United States the most.
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