Bilal Hyder Simair

The author is a writer and research assistant at the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies, Islamabad. His focus is on the foreign policy of Pakistan, and South Asia, and the geostrategic competition, proxy wars, conflicts, and aspirations for hegemony by international and regional powers in the Middle East. He can be contacted at [email protected].

Europe: The Architect of the Palestinian Conflict?

Written by Bilal Hyder Simair 6:29 pm

With the ongoing war in Gaza, Palestine has been dubbed an “open-air graveyard” by the EU’s Josep Borrell. Bilal Hyder Simair condemns Europe’s superficial concern for Palestinians and their land when it has been complicit in sowing the seeds of the Palestinian conflict in the first place. He notes that the European states and the US have actively supported Israel and its heinous war crimes in Palestine for decades and have, therefore, actively failed humanity, not just the people of Palestine.
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