Damiya Saghir

Ms. Damiya Saghir completed her Bachelor's in Political Science from Kinnaird College and is currently pursuing her MPhil in Political Science from the same university.  She is a Research Associate at the Maritime Centre of Excellence. Ms Damiya was previously employed as a project officer at the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT.) Her areas of interest include politics, defense studies, International Relations, and governance.

Pakistan Navy Returns with Aman-23

Written by Damiya Saghir 2:06 pm

With the rising influence of the Indian Ocean, Aman-23 by the Pakistan Navy is planned with the idea of acting as a conduit between regional and extra-regional navies. The Aman exercise is expected to project a positive image of Pakistan as a country contributing towards regional peace and stability.
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The Protests in Cuba (2021): Causes and Implications

Written by Damiya Saghir 11:48 am

Since the Cuban revolution in 1959, the relations between the US and Cuba have undergone various degrees of tension. The US sanctions on Cuba, food shortages, a failing economy, and the rising cases of COVID-19 have created a sense of dissatisfaction and urgency. Together, these factors have compelled the Cubans to initiate nationwide protests demanding reforms. The author argues that with the US turning a blind eye to the protests, and the United Nations’ failure to help the Cubans, the people of the state are left with no one to rely on.
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Group Captain Saiful Azam and Air Commodore Sattar Alvi: A Tale of Two Shaheens

Written by Damiya Saghir 11:47 am

The author, Damiya Saghir, uncovers two heroic figures in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and their celebrated accomplishments. Introducing Group captain Saiful Azam and Air Commodore Sattar Alvi – two daring and wonderful air fighters.
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The PTI Government in Pakistan: Will They Win the 2023 Elections?

Written by Damiya Saghir 6:47 pm

With the current government completing its three years, these next two years will determine not only PTI’s fate, but also the future of other leading parties in the general elections of 2023. PM Imran’s wide-ranging policies have garnered mixed reviews: some received excellent praise, while others were utterly criticized. Ms. Damiya Saghir explores the political winds in Pakistan, and discusses the current political and economic situation.
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