Duaa Ayaz

Ms Duaa Ayaz is a graduate of Economics and Social Sciences. She is currently working as a freelance writer on Fiverr. Her sphere of interest includes international relations, geopolitics, foreign policy, security, and socio-economic issues of Pakistan and the world.

Combatting Street Crimes in Pakistan

Written by Duaa Ayaz 2:59 pm

Pakistan’s Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) reported an unprecedented spike in street crime, at a time when the country is gripped by political instability, crippling inflation, climate change, food insecurity, energy predicament, and economic crises. The uptick in street crimes has created even more uncertainty and fear in the country, one that has a flawed social control mechanism and a weak criminal justice system.
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A Look at the Ongoing Protests in Peru

Written by Duaa Ayaz 2:21 pm

A nationwide insurrection has engulfed Peru since early December, following the arrest and imprisonment of the country’s former president, Pedro Castillo. The violent confrontation between the Peruvians and the security forces has entered the eighth week, culminating in the death of 60 civilians – and counting. What prompted these protests, and what lies ahead for Peru?
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Navigating Bosnia’s Possible Entry into the European Union

Written by Duaa Ayaz and Alina Minhas 1:52 pm

On 15th December 2022, Bosnia finally achieved candidate status for EU membership – the first step in a long and complex journey of EU accession that the country embarked on back in 2016. There’s a cry of jubilation in the Balkan state and euphoric optimism for a prosperous future. However, entry into the EU won’t be plain sailing for a country clogged up with a tripartite presidency, ethnic dissonance, legislative gridlocks, and numerous other challenges. The 14-point Copenhagen Criteria, followed by 35 chapters of the EU acquis, must be implemented by Bosnia to secure a permanent place in the EU.
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The Franco-Prussian War of 1870

Written by Duaa Ayaz 9:24 pm

The Franco-Prussian War or the War of 1870 is often deemed by historians as the conflict that shaped modern Europe. It was a confrontation between the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia that took place from July 1870 to May 1871. The war was a battle of politico-territorial interests where the unconsolidated German states aspired to unify and create a powerful German nation-state. France, however, fearful of encirclement and alteration of the balance of power, aimed to maintain its status quo as the major European power.
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Economic Diplomacy & Its Growing Relevance

Written by Duaa Ayaz 9:44 pm

For centuries, diplomacy is a term often associated with high politics; an important instrument of foreign policy, a tool to mitigate traditional security issues, and a means to ensure peaceful bilateral relations. However, in a world where the concept of security is widening and deepening, the scope of diplomacy has also enlarged to encompass many tools, types,  problem areas, and actors. In the contemporary multi-polar world order characterized by globalization, digital revolution, and newly emerging economies, it has become indispensable to recognise economic diplomacy as a paramount instrument of foreign policy. Duaa Ayaz sheds light on economic diplomacy as a concept and its evolution, its growing significance in the 21st-century liberal order, its manifestations in light of case studies, the challenges facing it, and its future.
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Dissolution of Guaidó’s Interim Government: What’s Next for Venezuela?

Written by Duaa Ayaz 12:48 pm

The Venezuelan presidential predicament takes a new turn as the opposition-controlled National Assembly dissolves Guaidó’s interim government ahead of presidential elections expected in 2024. What led to this removal and what’s next for the petrostate of Latin America?
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