Eman Nawab

Ms Eman Nawab is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at National Defence University.

A Conversation with Father Gulshan Barkat

Written by Eman Nawab 6:14 pm

In our conversation with Father Gulshan Barkat, we learn the importance of an impactful educational ecoystem for all the people of Pakistan. Fr. Barkat discusses history, research, interfaith education, and brain drain.
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A Conversation with Brigadier (R) Samson Simon Sharaf

Written by Eman Nawab 8:45 pm

In our conversation with Brigadier (Retd) Samson Simon Sharaf, we follow the journey of one Pakistani Christian’s dedication to his military career. Following retirement, he continues to write on matters of political economy as an expert in the field.
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Honoring the White Part of the Flag: Contributions of Pakistani Christians

Written by Eman Nawab 4:04 pm

Contributions by the Pakistani Christians have been overlooked by the mainstream media, but they remain a proud collective memory of the community. Eman Nawab points that while plenty of literature can be found on the struggles of the Christian community, it is very rare to come across literature acknowledging their contributions in the national development. Eman Nawab aims to fill that space by acknowledging and listing their roles in the development of Pakistan.
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