Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti

Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti is a resident of Islamabad. He is currently pursuing his bachelor's in international relations from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Mr. Satti has completed half of his degree i.e 4 semesters.

Why Flooding in Balochistan Is a Climate & National Security Issue

Written by Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti 11:47 am

Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti links the flooding in Balochistan to the national security of Pakistan, calling it a “threat multiplier.” He argues that the floods in the province, on top of the political and economic turmoil, have aggravated the grievances held by the Baloch community. He asserts that the government has done nothing to improve Balochistan’s condition and that the floods will impact the country’s economy.
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