Hammad Khan

Hammad Khan is a freelance writer. He has a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Peshawar.

Relevance of the Marxist International Relations Theory

Written by Hammad Khan 12:50 pm

Today’s global politics revolve around the industrialised world. Therefore, the Marxist international relations theory is relevant to a great extent in analyzing contemporary global politics. The goal of this theory is to radically modify the current social and political order by relying on Karl Marx’s philosophy.
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Is There a Link Between Slavery and Capitalism?

Written by Hammad Khan 12:10 pm

The paper critically examines the essence of capitalism and how it functions in the many social systems across the world. It also looks into the relationship between capitalism and slavery, and whether or not capitalism has any characteristics that are similar to slavery.
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An End in the Korean War: A True Possibility or a Pipe Dream?

Written by Hammad Khan 11:47 am

Though the Korean War concluded with the 1953 armistice, there has been no formal declaration of an end to the war in the last 70 years. As such, both North and South Korea are still, technically, at war. The author, Hammad Khan, notes that the current South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, has been quite resilient in his approach to officially end this war. While the parties involved in the conflict – North and South Korea, the US, and China – have agreed in principle to end it, the US has some reservations which have made it reluctant to accept a peace agreement.
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The Diplomatic Boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Written by Hammad Khan 12:00 pm

February is nearing and so are the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The US’s boycott of the Games has motivated many states – Australia, Canada, and the UK to name a few – to follow suit. China hasn’t taken kindly to these political ploys and in fact has warned countries of the price that they will pay for boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.
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The Russian Conflict with Ukraine: From Crimea to Present Border Tensions

Written by Hammad Khan 11:47 am

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the relations between Russia and Ukraine have been declining. The latter’s inclination towards the West, along with the increase in Russian troops at the Russia-Ukraine border, has aggravated the conflict between the two states. The author, Hammad Khan, notes that due to the possibility of Ukraine becoming a NATO member, Russia is interested in obtaining security guarantees from the US and its Western allies. On the other hand, Ukraine has accused Russia of supporting separatists in its territory and fears a Russian invasion.
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Conflict over West Papua Province: Dispute Between the Separatist Groups & the Indonesian Government

Written by Hammad Khan 7:00 pm

The conflict between West Papua and Indonesia can be traced back to the 1962 New York Agreement which enabled Indonesia to gain full control of the region. The Indonesian government denied the Papuans their right to self-determination by holding a rigged plebiscite in 1969. Separatist groups in West Papua have been demanding independence for decades. The author, Hammad Khan, notes that to suppress these groups—particularly the Free Papua Movement (OPM)—Indonesia heavily relies upon its armed forces and military operations. However, in the process to do so, it committed human rights violations and strengthened the Papuans’ distrust of the government.
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