Hasnain Haikal Memon

Mr. Hasnain Haikal Memon has a keen interest in social issues, the economy of Pakistan, and global politics. He holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and has published certain anthologies of poetry on online platforms.

Is Pakistan Becoming Another Sri Lanka?

Written by Hasnain Haikal Memon 12:09 pm

Hasnain Haikal Memon compares the crisis in Sri Lanka with that of Pakistan. For him, the answer to whether or not Pakistan will become another Sri Lanka is not a simple “yes” or “no”. He argues that the two South Asian states are facing similar problems – inflation, currency devaluation, external debt, political instability – and if these issues persist, Pakistan might transform into a crisis state. However, even then, there’s a possibility that, unlike Sri Lanka, Pakistan might not descend into chaos.
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