Iqra Mumtaz

Ms Iqra Mumtaz is an undergraduate student of Peace and Conflict Studies at National Defence University, Pakistan. Her areas of expertise include hybrid and hyper war, gender and violence, spatial warfare, and US-China relations.

Pakistan and America – Relations Strained by US Involvement

Written by Iqra Mumtaz 6:08 pm

Since Pakistan’s independence in 1947, America has maintained a continuous presence in the state’s political affairs. Iqra Mumtaz notes that throughout the history of Pakistan-US relations, the US’s policies towards Pakistan have revolved around engagement, containment, and the “carrots or sticks” approach. Yet, the American support of subservient regimes in Pakistan has remained constant.
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PTI’s Long March

Written by Iqra Mumtaz 11:52 am

Imran Khan’s calls for Long March were followed by a governmental crackdown on PTI workers. The peaceful march turned violent and bloody after the government called the police forces. Iqra Mumtaz gives a brief account of the short-lived march that happened on 25th May.
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The Space Race in the 21st Century

Written by Iqra Mumtaz 12:06 pm

Space was an important front for war in the last century and will be just as significant in this century. Space became a zone of conflict during the Space Race in the Cold War. In present times, the space market has grown complex and diverse, with the private and commercial sectors participating more in this realm. The author, Iqra Mumtaz, believes that space hegemony will play an important role in terms of future military and political influence.
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