Laiba Umer Malik

Ms Laiba Umer Malik is currently pursuing her bachelor's in Economics from National Defense University Islamabad.

Land Reforms of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Written by Laiba Umer Malik 7:42 pm

Land reforms in Pakistan have been a contested issue for years. Since the era of General Ayub Khan, efforts to introduce land reforms for a more just distribution of property have been witnessed in Pakistan. The Zulfikar Ali Bhutto regime introduced two land reform acts (in 1972 and 1977) targeting land ownership, redistribution, and landlord-tenant relationships. Laiba Umer Malik analyzes the effects of Bhutto’s land reforms and the issues in their implementation in an effort to address why unequal property rights still linger in Pakistan.
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The Economic Cost of Political Instability

Written by Laiba Umer Malik 7:47 pm

Afflicted by political instability and uncertainty, Pakistan has faced a difficult trail in economic growth. Laiba Umer Malik points out the economic costs that Pakistan has paid due to political uncertainty—elections, protests, and terrorism—in its history.
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