Muhammad Aleem

Mr. Muhammad Aleem has a master's in commerce from Punjab University.As a CSS aspirant, he has developed an interest in national and international affairs which is why he often writes on different contemporary socio-economic and political topics.

Addressing the Problems in the Education System of Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Aleem 8:51 pm

Muhammad Aleem highlights the dire situation within Pakistan’s education sector, using the recent incident at the Islamic University of Bahawalpur (IUB) as a case in point. The prevalence of drug addiction and harassment in educational institutions, affecting both genders, and the lack of accountability and justice associated with cases involving them have unveiled a moral crisis in Pakistan. The author attributes these issues to legislative gaps, misuse of authority, communication breakdowns, and systemic failures. As a consequence, the reputation of institutes, students’ privacy, and parents’ confidence in female education have been compromised.
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