Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood

Mr. Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood is an advocate. He has a keen interest in observing and analysing the changing geopolitical environment.

Tug of War Between Central Governments and Supreme Courts in Pakistan and India

Written by Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood 8:21 pm

Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood discusses the uncanny similarities in both the constitutional, and political discourse in India and Pakistan. Despite their longstanding hostility, both countries find themselves entangled in a web of mistrust between their respective centers and the Supreme Courts. These intriguing coincidences send us down a fascinating path fraught with power struggles, legislative interventions, and the slow erosion of institutional trust.
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What Does a Stable Afghanistan Mean for China?

Written by Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood 7:56 pm

Despite being an underdeveloped country, Afghanistan seems to have gained China’s attention. China desires a stable Afghanistan so that it can safeguard its national and cross-border security. Moreover, China needs to have stability in its landlocked neighbor so that it can further its economic expansion. Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood sheds light on the importance of stability in Afghanistan for China and China’s attempts to make sure that it enjoys a stable neighborhood.
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Understanding the Sudan Conflict for Solutions

Written by Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood 8:05 pm

Muhammad Shaheer Mahmood aims to give a detailed insight into the ongoing conflict between the two military factions in Sudan, the Rapid Security Forces (RSF) and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). He also discusses the impact of the Sudan crisis on both local and international political (and economic) spheres. He then deliberates on the role of regional stakeholders who have a responsibility to find an indigenous solution to resolve the terrifying conflict.
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