Rabia Rasool

Rabia Rasool is pursuing her bachelor's in economics and social sciences from the Lahore School of Economics.

The Great Gama: The Greatest Wrestler of His Time

Written by Rabia Rasool 8:25 pm

With an undefeated track record over the course of his five-decade-long career, Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt from the Indian subcontinent was one of the greatest wrestlers of the early 20th century. He’s more commonly known and recognized by the name he earned from his winning streak, the Great Gama. Even Bruce Lee was inspired by the champion’s diet and exercise regime. Following the partition, he moved to Pakistan and lived there till his death in 1960.
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The Financial Crisis in Sri Lanka

Written by Rabia Rasool 12:18 pm

Thousands of people are out on the streets protesting against the current government’s mishandling of the economic crisis. The author, Rabia Rasool, discusses the reasons behind the current economic quakes in Sri Lanka.
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The Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Explained

Written by Rabia Rasool 11:47 am

In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Moscow has been relentless in its attacks on Ukraine. Till the 20th of March, Russia had killed more than 2,300 people in the city of Mariupol alone and destroyed it in its desire to conquer the besieged city. With each passing day, the war is worsening and people are dying. Yet, the efforts to end the war have failed. The author, Rabia Rasool, asserts that though both states have shown their willingness to compromise to some extent, for one reason or another, the Russia-Ukraine peace talks in Turkey have failed.
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