Rida Zaman

Rida Zaman is a law graduate of Bahria University. She is currently working in Islamabad.

The Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018 in Pakistan

Written by Rida Zaman 11:48 am

To safeguard the rights of the children allegedly involved in criminal activities, Pakistan passed the Juvenile Justice System Act (JJSA), 2018. The act specified the age limit of juveniles, established a mechanism to verify the age of the alleged offender, categorized offenses, and called for the establishment of observation homes and juvenile rehabilitation centers to provide a safety net for the children. The author, Rida Zaman, notes that the JJSA is far from perfect. By highlighting the shortcomings of the act, she argues that the juvenile justice system of Pakistan has room for improvement. However, this improvement requires the state to first overcome the hindrances in its path to the provision of justice.
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