Sadaf Shabbir

Sadaf Shabbir is a student of International Relations at the University of Karachi. She is a proud bibliophile analyzing world politics and contemporary events through the lens of gender studies. She focuses on unveiling the sexism and gender biases engraved in each field and discovered writing as her way to disseminate her thoughts to the world. For her, writing serves to revamp the way people interpret certain events in society.

Domestic Violence is Domestic Terrorism

Written by Sadaf Shabbir 10:47 am

Domestic violence consists of all the facets of terrorism. Hence, referring to it as “abuse” or “violence” undermines the severity of the terroristic acts. The author explains that the term “domestic terrorism” is well suited for these horrendous acts. She uses Pakistan as a case study, at the end, to highlight how the societal structure reinforces domestic terrorism.
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