Umme Ammara

Ms Umme Ammara is an undergraduate student of BS-Economics with Data Science at Information Technology University. She has presented papers at international and national conferences. Her research interests include system thinking, public policy, and, ethics and technology. She is determined to inform public policy using data-driven and philosophical approaches.

Unleashing the Potential of the SME Sector in Pakistan

Written by Umme Ammara 12:54 pm

Using a general thematic approach, this paper examines the positive and negative externalities of the COVID-19 pandemic on Pakistan’s economy. The author, Umme Ammara, explores the different cases of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from China, India, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan to understand the different measures the Pakistani government can initiate to strengthen SMEs. The findings suggest that unleashing the potential of the SME sector requires the need for institutional change in a country intending to build a human economy where human development is the main area of concern.
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