Yasir Wazir

Mr Yasir Wazir is a recent graduate of International Relations from Iqra University Islamabad.

Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal by Shahid Amin

Written by Yasir Wazir 11:48 am

The book “Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal” by Shahid Amin provides a comprehensive analysis of the state’s foreign policy throughout the years while keeping in mind the relations between Pakistan and India. The book explains, in great detail, how the perception of an “Indian threat” has influenced Pakistan’s decision-making. Apart from the India-Pakistan relations, Mr. Shahid Amin also elaborates on Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan after the 1979 Soviet invasion, and its relations with the Muslim countries and China.
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The UK’s Ode to Brexit

Written by Yasir Wazir 12:47 pm

The author, Muhammad Yasir, presents a comprehensive analysis of the historical trajectory of Europe in the realm of power politics, religion, and the economy as well as the culmination in the recent phenomenon of Brexit.
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