Zahra Michelle Khan

Zahra Michelle Khan is a recent graduate of Bachelors in Social Sciences, majoring in international relations, from Bahria University, Islamabad. She won the 2nd National Policy Making Competition by YPDC UOL last year in the public policy domain.

Growth Versus Development: The Case of Pakistan

Written by Zahra Michelle Khan 11:47 am

Growth or development? Which of the two would states choose and why? The author, Zahra Michelle Khan, mainly aims to explain both arguments and the pros and cons of each. She also assesses the external factors that influence the decision of a state to pick either, or both. The example of Pakistan, as well as possible ways to help the state develop, are also discussed towards the end.
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The China-India Rivalry in Maldives Explained

Written by Zahra Michelle Khan 11:48 am

The strategic location of the Maldives, particularly its proximity to the straits of Malacca and Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden, has drawn the attention of India and China. While China and India are competing with each other to exert their influence on the Maldives, the island state is fully benefitting from its cordial relations with the rival states. Though the China-India competition has serious implications for the stability of South Asia, the author, Zahra Michelle Khan, argues that the Maldives also presents opportunities for cooperation between the two states.
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