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Leaderboard ads appear inside articles/papers. The advertiser can choose to either place their advertisement before the content or after it.

TypePrice per weekPrice per month (Rs 1000 off)Price per year (discount)
In-Article Leaderboard (standard image) 728×90Rs 8k / $50 Rs 31k / $193Rs 372k / $2325
In-Article Leaderboard (rich media) 728×90Rs 12k / $62Rs 47k / $293Rs 564k / $3525


Banner ads appear on the sidebar (to the right of the content).

TypePrice per weekPrice per month (save Rs 1000)Price per year (discount)
Normal Banner  (standard image) 300×100Rs 5k / $31Rs 19k / $118Rs 228k / $1425
Large Banner (standard image) 300×250Rs 6.5k / $40Rs 25k / $156Rs 300k / $1875
Largest Banner (standard image) 300×600Rs 12k / $62Rs 47k / $293Rs 564k / $3525
Normal Banner  (rich media) 300×100Rs 7k / $43Rs 27k / $168Rs 324k / $2025
Large Banner (rich media) 300×250Rs 8k / $50 Rs 31k / $193Rs 372k / $2325
Largest Banner (rich media) 300×600Rs 14k /Rs 55k / $343Rs 660k/ $4125

Acceptable Ad Formats

  • Standard Image (jpg/gif)
  • Rich media/flash. Recommended animation length (15 seconds)

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts cost Rs 20k per 350 words (4 images and 2 links allowed in the post). This price also includes the sponsored post being shared on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

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