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Why Advertise With Us

If you’re looking to showcase your products and services, Paradigm Shift is a great platform.

Here’s why:

  • Our primary audience is aged 18-34 and consist of educated people from urban centers.
  • The website receives around 200,000 visits every month.
  • Our social media following is around 50,000 and growing.
  • We only post well-researched and eloquently articulated content.
  • Our content has been cited in leading international publications such as The Diplomat, Modern Diplomacy,, Eurasia review, Global Village Space, and more.

Types of Adverts

Leaderboard Ads

Leaderboard ads appear inside on the homepage as well as on articles/papers. You can choose to either place your advertisement(s) before the content or after it.

  • Leaderboard (standard image) 728×90
  • Leaderboard (animated) 728×90


Please contact [email protected] for pricing details. 

Advertise leaderboard
Leaderboard Ad

Banner Ads

Banner ads appear on the right side of the content (on the sidebar). They appear on the homepage as well as on articles/papers. There are 3 sizes of banner ads:

  • Banner Ad (standard image) 300×100
  • Banner Ad (animated) 300×100
  • Banner Ad (standard image) 300×250
  • Banner Ad (animated) 300×250
Advertisement placements Paradigm Shift
Small & Medium Banner/Sidebar Ads
  • Banner Ad (standard image) 300×600
  • Banner Ad (animated) 300×600


Please contact [email protected] for pricing details.

Advertisement placements 2 Paradigm Shift
Large Banner/Sidebar Ad
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