Areej Haider

Ms Areej Haider is studying International Relations at National Defence University Islamabad. She has a keen interest in national and international politics, especially South Asian and Middle Eastern politics.

Guyana Moves Towards Digital Governance

Written by Areej Haider 9:02 pm

The government of Guyana wants to move its services online and create an efficient digital system of governance. The digital structure of the nation will be essential for fostering sustainable growth and lowering economic and social inequality.
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The Long-Awaited High Seas Treaty

Written by Areej Haider 7:34 pm

The high seas, which are areas outside of national boundary waters, have been the subject of conservation discussions for more than 20 years. 4th March 2023 saw the signing of a legally binding High Seas treaty by nearly 200 nations to protect marine life in international waters – that have historically been lawless.
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BBC Documentary on Modi’s Role in the 2002 Gujrat Riots

Written by Areej Haider 8:32 pm

On 17th January 2023, BBC released a documentary showing the role of Prime Minister Modi (then chief minister of Gujrat) in the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujrat. The program reveals atrocities that led to the death of over 1000 people in western Gujrat. Soon after the documentary was released, the Indian government invoked emergency laws to ban its broadcast throughout the country.
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Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Powerplant: The Looming Radiation Disaster

Written by Amna Asif and Areej Haider 12:42 pm

Built between 1984 and 1995, Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, and one of the top 10 largest power plants in the world. The plant was taken over by the Russian forces on 4th March, 2022, consequently severing its connection to the Ukrainian grid. As it is located right in the middle of the war zone, concerns of a radiation disaster have been mounting.
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The Long Awaited 2022 Parliamentary Elections of Nepal

Written by Areej Haider 12:35 pm

Nepal has had a bitter history of power transitions and political instability. In yet another attempt to maintain democratic structures and bring political stability, Nepal is poised to hold its parliamentary elections on 20th November. This will be the 11th such election since 2008, after Nepal abolished its 240-year-old monarchy.
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Pakistan Grants Tajikistan Access to Gwadar

Written by Areej Haider 12:12 pm

Due to its strategic location, Pakistan is a country that the Central Asian Republics cannot ignore. Areej Haider aims to explain the recent access to Gwadar for Tajikistan, its importance for both states, and future implications.
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Malaysia’s Relations with China: A Multifaceted Approach

Written by Areej Haider 11:58 am

China has always maintained a strong position in Malaysia’s foreign policy for one reason or another. The China-Malaysia ties, which were once strained by Chinese containment, have now become more cordial. Malaysia has opened itself up to China, adopting a multifaceted approach to the rising power. Areej Haider notes that Malaysia’s policy towards China now hinges on two factors: containing the latter’s influence, and engaging with it for the sake of economic benefits.
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China, Indonesia, & the South China Sea Dispute

Written by Areej Haider 8:00 pm

China has always maintained sovereignty over the South China Sea, which is rich in both oil and natural gas reserves. More so, its sea routes are critical for China’s maritime transportation. Interestingly, while China has never claimed Indonesia’s Natuna islands, it has also never clarified the meaning of the nine-dash line that overlaps with Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone near the Natuna Islands.
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Blinken’s Africa Visit: The China-Russia Threat

Written by Areej Haider 7:05 pm

Seeing as the African nations hold huge importance in terms of resources and strategic location, the US finds China and Russia’s visits to the region concerning. In view of that, on 8th August, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid a visit to South Africa to further its relations with the African nation.
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