Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed

Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed (Retd) has extensive experience in areas of national security, intelligence and strategic issues. He has worked as a Senior Research Analyst in a strategic organisation and has a niche for writing research articles and analytical assessments, specializing in counterintelligence, counter-terrorism and nuclear security.

Political Parties of Pakistan: Vengeance or Retribution

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 9:22 pm

The perception that Pakistan is the world’s most dangerous country is exaggerated, to say the least. However, the idea that it is the most difficult country to govern has steadily gained credence over time. Among the many problems that the country is confronted with, is the legacy of vicitimisation and vengeance between political opponents, which constantly results in political turbulence. ‘Politics – thy name is vengeance’ has hence become the norm in the country’s political system.
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Pakistan–India Adversarial Relations: Instability for South Asia

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 9:06 pm

Even with both Pakistan and India being nuclear weapon states, strategic stability in South Asia is under constant stress. Brig. Syed Mushtaq Ahmed (R) discusses how the US is continually supporting India, to control China’s influence in the region. This means the Indians are ramping up their military capacities – and Pakistan then has to reciprocate. He goes on to explore regional and global dynamics, and then offers viable policies for Pakistan and India, to work towards the much-needed regional economic cooperation.
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The Reasons Behind the Complicated Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 9:13 pm

In most third-world countries, after the colonial period, civil-military relations (CMR) were characterized by military interventions in politics and insubordination to civil control. Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed examines the reasons for the widespread influence of the armed forces in the domestic political scene. He also explores how civilian regimes have attempted to ensure the subordination of the military to their authority.
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Assessing Nuclear Security in Pakistan & India

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 2:30 pm

In South Asia, Pakistan has been subjected to growing criticism over the insecurity posed by its nuclear infrastructure. However, what’s commonly ignored is that the region houses another nuclear state—one that presents greater and deadly nuclear concerns.
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Myths Around Pakistan’s Nukes & National Security

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 12:12 pm

Brig Syed Mushtaq Ahmed (Retd) dispels four virulent myths that have been making the rounds. These include: 1. Balkanization of Pakistan 2. Pakistan is a failed state 3. Pakistan is an epicentre of terrorism 4. The threat to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. He believes that the common objective is to debilitate and defang Pakistan—the only Muslim nuclear power that could threaten US, India, and Israel.
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The Appointment of the COAS: An Unending Controversy

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 12:59 pm

Every three years, the autumn in Pakistan resonates with budding news over the appointment of the next Army Chief. The appointment remains a rather routine affair among the other two services (Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force) and elsewhere in the world, passing without a murmur or creating much of a ruckus. It, however, springs out as the most important question in the case of the Pakistan Army Chief, engendering and captivating interest in the public domain.
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Pakistan’s Varying Political Scenarios

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 7:00 pm

In today’s Pakistan, we are gripped with a politico-economic situation that is increasingly becoming untenable. Brig Syed Mushtaq Ahmed (Retd) believes that the country is abuzz with a lot of speculations, foretelling different scenarios: a downside scenario, an obverse scenario and a prospective scenario. Which one of these will last or emerge depend on the role of the invisibles.
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