Daniyal Bin Tanveer

Mr Daniyal Bin Tanveer is studying law with a minor in Economics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). 

Exploring Micro Hydropower Projects as a Viable Solution to Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

Written by Daniyal Bin Tanveer 7:31 pm

Pakistan possesses a hydropower potential of up to 60,000 MW, with about 40% of it coming from Gilgit-Baltistan and the Kashmir region. Although the natural topography and challenging terrain make it difficult and expensive to bring up grid electrification to most places, particularly in the northern highland parts, Daniyal Bin Tanveer presents Micro Hydro Power (MHP) projects as an interesting policy solution. The paper shall first discuss why a lack of energy production in Pakistan is a massive issue that needs to be addressed, followed by an analysis of the prevailing dynamics of the MHP market. What will follow is a look at this paper’s findings, followed by a proposal of potential policy measures that could be utilized to develop a network of MHPs where possible. Lastly, the economic implications of possibly adopting this policy measure will also be presented, before a brief conclusion ties the entire discussion together.
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