Dina Tawfik

Ms Dina Tawfik is an M.A candidate of Comparative and Middle East Politics. Her main interest in the field of political science is the relationship between the Global North and the Global South. Her mission is to finally decolonize knowledge that we take for granted, deconstructing West-centric views which are commonly the dominant narratives of world events, thus freeing the Global South from the chains of colonialism.

The Impact of Anti-Nuclear Global South Movements on the Control of Nuclear Weapons

Written by Dina Tawfik 12:27 pm

Before being banned, nuclear testing in the Global South had been a major issue for leaders and citizens in those countries. The West found the Global South’s soil to be fair game for nuclear testing while preserving the sanctity of their own lands. In this essay, Dina Tawfik proposes and answers the following research question: to what extent have the Global South’s antinuclear movements had an impact on curbing the usage of nuclear weapons as well as nuclear testing, and on developing a non-proliferation global norm, and nuclear disarmament?
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