Haniya Ali

Haniya Ali is pursuing her Bachelor's in Government and Public Policy from National Defence University, Islamabad.

The Irony of Europe’s Burqa Ban

Written by Haniya Ali 1:00 pm

Where some nations mandate veils and the burqa, there are others that forbid it. Haniya Ali reviews the legislation and policies outlawing the burqa in a few European countries that are seemingly free—and “champions of human rights”— i.e. Denmark, France, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland.
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Germany’s Relations with Taiwan under the One China Policy

Written by Haniya Ali 12:31 pm

When it comes to Taiwan, Germany finds itself in a dilemma. Should it recognize Taiwan as an independent state or adhere to Beijing’s One China policy? Haniya Ali assesses Germany’s options and argues that since Berlin cannot go against China, it has adopted a moderate approach in its dealings with Taiwan. While condemning China’s Taiwan policy, it has supported Taiwan’s integration into international organizations without breaching the One China policy.
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Pakistan’s Performance in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games

Written by Haniya Ali 8:18 pm

Every four years, the Islamic Solidarity Games is organised for the athletes of OIC countries, serving the greater purpose of uniting and enabling communication among the OIC states. The fifth edition of the games was held from 9th to 18th August 2022 in Konya, Turkey. Pakistan’s players participated in the games, winning gold in the men’s javelin throw and a bronze medal in para table tennis.
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Tunisia’s New Constitution: A Stronger President but a Weaker Country

Written by Haniya Ali 12:31 pm

In times of economic uncertainty, unemployment, and poverty, President Kais Saied seemed like the only hope for the citizens of Tunisia. However, Saied’s new constitution has only made matters worse. Haniya Ali assesses the changes in the constitution, noting that it has increased the presidential powers, creating a system where the president has little to no accountability. On the other hand, Tunisia’s economy is still suffering, and with it, so are the people.
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