Huda Raza

Ms Huda Raza is studying International Relations at National Defense University, Islamabad.

New Wave of Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza

Written by Huda Raza 6:47 pm

On 5th August, Israel launched airstrikes in Gaza because of what they believed to be an immediate threat from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. The three-day assault flattened homes in Gaza and killed 49 people – including kids. Huda Raza laments the predicament of the Palestinians because, unlike Ukrainians, they have nowhere to turn for safety.
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The India-US Nuclear Deal & Its Implications for Pakistan

Written by Huda Raza and Sher Ali Shahid 11:48 am

In its quest to contain the Chinese influence by supporting India, the US has compelled Pakistan to seek an alliance with Russia and China. Huda Raza and Sher Ali Shahid analyze the Indo-US strategic partnership, particularly in the realm of nuclear technology, and its impact on the balance of power in South Asia. The authors note that the India-US nuclear deal represents a shift in the US foreign policy from Pakistan to India. Although the two parties claim that the deal is for peaceful purposes, it poses a threat to the stability of South Asia and elevates Pakistan’s security dilemma.
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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s New Uzbekistan

Written by Huda Raza 12:46 pm

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is on a path to transform Uzbekistan into a modernized state. Under his presidency, the Central Asian state is witnessing a series of reforms in its political and economic spheres. Through socio-economic, communication, infrastructure and energy projects in its neighbors, Uzbekistan is fostering regional connectivity. President Mirziyoyev is determined to create a network facilitating cooperation between South and Central Asia.
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India’s G20 Presidency: 2023 Summit in Jammu & Kashmir

Written by Huda Raza 12:14 pm

The G20 is a strategic platform connecting the world’s major economies, with annual summits being hosted by one of the G20 member states. India will be hosting the G20 summit for the first time in 2023. Needless to say, some of the meetings are expected to be held in the Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir. Huda Raza believes that this move disregards the sanctity of the internationally recognised disputed status of the territory.
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