Sher Ali Shahid

Sher Ali Shahid is currently a bachelor’s student at the Department of International Relations, National Defence University, Islamabad.

China’s 20th Party Congress: Cementing Xi Jinping’s Historic Third Term

Written by Sher Ali Shahid 7:32 pm

The 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ran from 16th to 22nd October this year. It is a critically important event because it establishes the party’s leadership for the next five years. It also sets the general policy perspective of that leadership on political matters and policy. Indubitably, the most important decision taken this year was the confirmation of President Xi Jinping’s precedent-breaking third term. This decision will make Xi the first leader since Mao Zedong to serve more than two terms.
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The India-US Nuclear Deal & Its Implications for Pakistan

Written by Huda Raza Sher Ali Shahid 11:48 am

In its quest to contain the Chinese influence by supporting India, the US has compelled Pakistan to seek an alliance with Russia and China. Huda Raza and Sher Ali Shahid analyze the Indo-US strategic partnership, particularly in the realm of nuclear technology, and its impact on the balance of power in South Asia. The authors note that the India-US nuclear deal represents a shift in the US foreign policy from Pakistan to India. Although the two parties claim that the deal is for peaceful purposes, it poses a threat to the stability of South Asia and elevates Pakistan’s security dilemma.
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