Khadija Kafeel

Khadija Kafeel is an inquisitive, self-driven, and meticulous student of IR from National Defence University, questing for opportunities to augment and acquire cognizance of global affairs and politics.

Orientalism by Edward Said

Written by Khadija Kafeel 9:23 pm

Orientalism, a seminal book penned by eminent writer Edward W. Said, is renowned across the globe for its overwhelming and perceptive critique of Orientalist discourse. Edward Said has delineated the West’s contemptuous and disdainful depiction of the East (Orient) as irrational, credulous, and exotic. The book vehemently censures the prevalent stereotypes, biases, and essentializations that have sculpted the Western outlook on the Orient. He alleges that the imaginative construction of “we vs they” has fulfilled the interests of the West, providing a rationale for western imperialism, despoilment, and cultural preeminence.
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