Mehwish Kayani

Mehwish Kayani has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from National Defense University, Islamabad. She has a keen interest in media and international relations which led her to intern at Inter-Services Public Relations(ISPR) for three months.

The East Timor Conflict: When Military Intervention Works

Written by Mehwish Kayani 6:47 pm

Indonesia invaded and occupied East Timor in 1975. Tensions escalated to a boil in 1999 when East Timor voted for independence. The ensuant violence between Indonesia and East Timor led to the intervention of an Australian-led international taskforce which eventually freed East Timor from Indonesian occupation.
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Troubled Waters: Revisionist China & The South China Sea Dispute

Written by Mehwish Kayani and Kinza Shah 6:23 pm

The South China Sea is important due to economic, military, and strategic factors. This region, critical for military purposes, is rich in resources like oil and gas. The question remains: Will China fall victim to the lust for resources? Or will it use diplomacy to create a win-win situation?
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