Mian Ali Haider

Mian Ali Haider is an engineering student at UET Lahore with a keen interest in local as well global politics.

The Implications of the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Written by Mian Ali Haider 11:48 am

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan comes after 20 years of continuous fighting. Yet, instead of being a prospect for peace, this withdrawal is the sowing seeds for a new civil war in Afghanistan. The author, Mian Ali Haider, notes that since the US bypassed the Afghan national government to reach a peace deal with the Afghan Taliban, it discouraged the former and encouraged the latter’s morale. Under the disguise of a peaceful withdrawal, the US is ensuring that Afghanistan remains unstable to contain China, Iran, and Russia. The author explains that to further undermine China’s role in the region, and in Afghanistan, the US seems to have formed an alliance against China with not just the Taliban but also with the G7 nations as well–which manifested itself clearly during the 47th G7 Summit in Cornwall.
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