Mirwaise Khan

Mirwaise Khan is pursuing an MPhil in Finance from BUITEMS. He also works as a columnist and has been writing opinion and editorial articles for the Daily Times.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization’s (CSTO) Mission Kazakhstan and a Lesson for OIC

Written by Mirwaise Khan 12:04 pm

When protests became unmanageable in Kazakhstan, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a military alliance of post-soviet states, rushed to the scene and quelled the unrest. The author, Mirwaise Khan, finds the CSTO’s cohesive structure admirable and thus recommends that the OIC take a page out of the former’s book.
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A JCPOA for the Growing Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program

Written by Mirwaise Khan 11:47 am

Israel is a nation involved in uranium enrichment programs – just like Iran. While these programs are not acknowledged by the Israeli government, expert opinions confirming these statements are available. The author argues for a framework (like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action i.e. the Iran nuclear deal) for Israel’s quietly escalating nuclear projects.
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SBP Amendment Bill 2021: More Power & Zero Accountability

Written by Mirwaise Khan 11:47 am

The SBP Amendment Act 2021 gives significant autonomy to the State Bank of Pakistan. The author notes that due to this autonomy, the bank and its officials cannot be held accountable for illegal acts by any investigative agency, be it the FIA or NAB. Moreover, the bill is quite vague when it comes to defining the authority of the Parliament over the central bank. The author explains that the power given to the State Bank of Pakistan will lead to a lack of policy coordination, and divide the economic objectives of the government and SBP and the forecast about the state of the economy.
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The Unjust Salaries of Government Employees in Pakistan

Written by Mirwaise Khan 10:46 am

The behavior of employees depends highly on how fairly they are treated by their employer. The author notes that the unjust salaries of government employees in Pakistan have increased job dissatisfaction and have led to an upsurge in poor performance, low motivation, the disloyalty of employees, corruption in the government sector, and the protests in Islamabad in February 2021.
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