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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: November 2022 Edition

Written by Paradigm Shift 8:04 pm

Introducing the November 2022 edition of our magazine—9 pieces, our top interns, advertising opportunities with us, and a request for flood donations.
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Pakistan’s Triumph at the 2022 AFL Asian Championships

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:30 pm

Pakistan’s recent victory in the men’s 3rd division of the 2022 AFL Asian Championships has brought much praise and expectations. Pakistan Markhors became the 3rd division champions after beating the Laos Elephants.
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Pakistan Railways Gets 46 Modern Coaches from China

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:26 pm

Pakistan Railways has received a shipment of 46 high-speed modern coaches from China, paving the way for the country’s population to have access to cutting-edge transportation. Pakistan Railways will also begin to manufacture 184 coaches in collaboration with Chinese engineers as part of the 230-coach purchase contract’s technology-transfer provision.
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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: October 2022 Edition

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:48 pm

On our followers’ requests, Paradigm Shift will now be releasing its e-magazine every month. Instead of following a determined theme, the monthly editions feature a curated list of pieces that centre around the latest news and developments.
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Street Child Football World Cup: Pakistan Secures 2nd Place

Written by Paradigm Shift 7:04 pm

Ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Street Child Football World Cup took place from the 7th to the 15th of October in Qatar. The team from Pakistan assiduously reached the finals against Egypt, coming in 2nd place.
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Cricket Comes Home: The Upcoming Pakistan-England Test Series

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:26 pm

After nearly two decades, England’s cricket team landed in Pakistan to play a seven-match T20 series with the Pakistani team in September-October this year. Thanks to the hospitality appreciated by the English team, Pakistan is now all set to welcome them again. The test series between the two countries will start from Rawalpindi, and subsequent matches will be played in Multan and Karachi.
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Manisha Ropeta, Pakistan’s First Hindu Woman DSP

Written by Paradigm Shift 7:00 pm

It was a moment of pride and honour for Pakistan when the first Hindu female, Manisha Ropeta, became the Deputy superintendent of police (DSP). She has caused another crack in the glass ceiling in the police service of Pakistan, empowering both women and religious minorities.
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The Student Council Investiture Ceremony at the TME One World Campus

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:47 pm

The Millennium Education One World Campus held an investiture ceremony for its new student council. The event was graced by the presence of Senator Walid Iqbal and TME Group’s founder and CEO, Dr Faisal Mushtaq.
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Collaboration Between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council & China’s Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Written by Paradigm Shift 7:06 pm

On 15th July 2022, the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and China’s Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote agricultural cooperation between Pakistan and China. Under the MoU, the two institutes will work together to establish a joint agricultural research lab, paving the way for Pakistan to modernize its agricultural sector and learn from China.
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Sea Guardians-2: Pak-China Maritime Cooperation

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:00 pm

Sea Guardians-2, a code name for the maritime exercise between China and Pakistan was held from 10th till 13th July 2022. The navies of both countries gathered at the military port in Wusong, Shanghai to begin the bilateral exercise. This cooperation was further enhanced by the recent induction of PNS Taimur, a new Chinese 054 A/P frigate, into the Pakistan Navy.
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Bullying in Pakistan: Hafsa Saeed Khan’s Perspective

Written by Paradigm Shift 4:15 pm

In our talk with Ms Hafsa Saeed Khan, a mental health and anti-bullying advocate, we notice how bullying continues to thrive both in online and offline spaces. While bullying affects all ages, the most heavily impacted are people between the ages of 18 and 29.
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Pakistani IT Company Deemed Forbes Asia’s Best

Written by Paradigm Shift 11:47 am

Pakistan’s Systems Limited – an IT company – has made it to Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion list for the third consecutive time, owing to its innovative business model. Systems Limited is the only company from Pakistan to make it to the list, making this achievement even more noteworthy for the state.
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Pakistan-Iran Trade and the Upcoming Free Trade Agreement

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:55 pm

Pakistan and Iran, after years of not being able to establish a free trade agreement (FTA), have finally started to move in the direction of signing one. In the 21st session of the Pak-Iran Joint Economic Commission, hosted in Islamabad in August 2022, the two neighboring states have shown their eagerness to improve their trade relations by signing an FTA within the following six months.
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The Devastating Flooding in Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:29 pm

The destruction caused by heavy rainfalls and floods in Pakistan is reaching new heights as the days pass. The deadly floods have taken the lives of more than 1,300 people and impacted millions of Pakistanis. With lives at stake, extensive rescue operations are underway all over Pakistan.
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The World Bank in Pakistan: Transforming the Agriculture Sector

Written by Paradigm Shift 12:05 pm

The Punjab Resilient and Inclusive Agriculture Transformation (PRIAT) project, with the help of $200 million in financial aid from the World Bank, intends to reform the agricultural sector of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The project will boost the state’s economic growth and encourage private sector investments and participation in agro-food projects.
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TME Receives the 2022 Ed-Tech Award

Written by Paradigm Shift 2:00 pm

At the 2022 Technology Awards organised by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI), the Millennium Universal College (TMUC) and the Millennium Education (TME) Group bagged the Educational Technology (Ed-Tech) Award. The prestigious award is an indication of the institution’s dedication to digital education in Pakistan.
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Education in Balochistan: A Conversation with Sangeen Khan

Written by Paradigm Shift 4:13 pm

In our conversation with Mr Sangeen Khan, a strategic affairs analyst and a social activist from Balochistan, we understand that education seems to be the only cure to the plight of the people in the province.
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