Daniyal Ali

Mr. Daniyal Ali is currently pursuing a Master's in Media Studies from Beaconhouse National University.

The Rising Inflation of Pakistan

Written by Daniyal Ali 8:47 pm

Despite growing remittances, the inflation rate in Pakistan continues to soar with a current inflation rate of 9.2% in October 2021. This is a whopping increase from 3.93% in 2018. The author, Daniyal Ali, discusses the possible reasons — IMF and mafias — for this sombre trend, and recommends a course of action for the future.
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The Magnificent Forts of Pakistan

Written by Daniyal Ali 11:47 am

Pakistan has a large number of massive historical forts including the Rohtas Fort, the Lahore Fort and the Skardu Fort, with each fort showcasing the remarkable architecture of the past. The author, Daniyal Ali, features 8 breathtaking forts laid out all over Pakistan.
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