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[Video] The Red Heifer, Dajjal, and the End of the World

This video explores the significance of a red heifer’s arrival in the occupied land of Palestine, connecting it to the construction of the Third Temple and the potential consequences, such as the destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque. Hamas believes that the arrival of these cows signifies the beginning of a Jewish prophecy. This very prophecy became a legitimate reason for the faction to attack Israel.
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What if we told you the world is ending because of a red cow? This video delves into the religious and geopolitical implications of the red heifer’s arrival in occupied Palestine, its connection to the construction of the Third Temple, and the potentially catastrophic consequences if the Al Aqsa mosque is destroyed.

After 2,000 years without a sighting, a group of Jewish activists brought five promising young cows from a Texas ranch to Israel in 2022, hoping for the long-awaited perfect cow. Hamas has cited the Jewish prophecy as one of the reasons behind its October 7 attacks on Israel. According to Jewish prophecy, Red Heifer will reach three years of age in April 2024, the perfect age for sacrifice.

This video describes how the Temple Institute is secretly working on constructing the Third Temple. Get ready to understand the significance of a seemingly insignificant cow in the grand scheme of global religious prophecy and geopolitical conflict.

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