Ramsha Qaiser

Ramsha Qaiser is an IR graduate from Quaid-e-Azam University.  She loves to sit with a cup of coffee to pen down her thoughts. She is keen on finding potential solutions to problems that concern the world.

Chinese and Russian Relations in Central Asia

Written by Ramsha Qaiser 10:47 am

The paper explores the Chinese and Russian relations in the context of Central Asia as well as the possibility of future cooperation.
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Postcolonialism and Borders: Enduring Territorial Disputes

Written by Ramsha Qaiser 7:00 pm

The author seeks to draw a connection between postcolonialism and territorial disputes. Disputes of borders are one of the most explosive global flashpoints, which is a matter as much of current events as of history
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A Diplomatic Transformation for the Decades-old Kashmir Conflict

Written by Ramsha Qaiser 10:49 am

The conflict transformation model may prove to be efficacious in resolving the Kashmir conflict that has been fraught with hostilities and violence for decades.
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