Saliha Waseem

Saliha is an undergraduate student of international relations at National Defence University, Islamabad. She has a knack for content, essay and blog writing, and an interest in world affairs and IR. She has remained an intern at International MUN. She desires to become a world influencer and an eminent part of world leadership.

Can Pakistan’s Tourism Exceed the Maldives’?

Written by Akseer Ali Saif Janjua, Sarah Kiyani, Saqib Ameen Saliha Waseem 11:54 am

Pakistan is striving to develop maritime tourism to broadcast its image as a tourist-friendly country and to prosper economically. The authors, Akseer Ali Saif Janjua, Sarah Kiyani, Saliha Waseem, and Saqib Ameen, explore the country’s tourism potential, and the development carried out in the sector by comparing it to the Republic of Maldives—a country which was once considered unsuitable for tourism but is now one of the world’s top tourist destinations.
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